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It is a disruptive time in the fuel business, but The Truck Stops Here podcast is packed with critical analysis on what to expect as well as ideas to propel your travel center business into the future.

You'll hear from experts on and off the NATSO staff and directly from NATSO members on what techniques they use to excel.

Pull up, grab the fuel nozzle and get ready to fuel up. The Truck Stops Here is brought to you by NATSO, the non-profit trade association for truckstop and travel centers.

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Episode #1Experiential Elements in Spades at Oasis Travel Center in Robertsdale, Alabama

Episode #2 – Biodiesel Basics with NATSO's Alternative Fuels Council

Episode #3 – How Truckstops and Travel Centers Can Remain Relevant Within a Rapidly Changing Retail Environment

Episode #4 – Fuel Buying Basics for Travel Centers with NATSO

Episode #5 – How to Upgrade to Meet the October 2020 EMV Shift

Episode #6 – Truckstop and Travel Center State of Industry: Who are the Players and What Do Customers Expect in 2020

Episode #7 – Truckstop and Travel Center Industry Trends

Episode #8 – Truckstop and Travel Center Design Trends with Paragon Solutions

Episode #9 – COVID-19 Relief Legislation: What Do Truckstops and Travel Centers Need to Know

Episode #10 – What Might the Truckstop and Travel Center Business Keep from the Pandemic?

Episode #11 – Maximize Truckstop Profits Through Parking Lot Innovation

Episode #12 – Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Professional Drivers

Episode #13 – Five Consumer Trends That Will Stay with Coca Cola

Episode #14 – Road Ranger Welcomes Their 40th Store to Brinkley, Ark.

Episode #15 – Truckstop Technology for Today and Tomorrow

Episode #16 – Truckstop and Travel Center Layout and Merchandising in the Time of COVID-19

Episode #17 – From Staffing to Diesel Pumps: Ideas to Grow Your Travel Center Business

Episode #18 – Mobile App and Web Ordering at Truckstops and Travel Centers with Smooth Commerce

Episode #19 – Liberty Travel Plazas Unveils New Brand Name of Onvo and Playful Identity

Episode #20 – Positioning Your Diesel Fuel Lanes for the Future

Episode #21 – What Truckstops and Travel Centers Should Watch for on Election Night

Episode #22 – Jiffy Trip Locations Are Big, Bright and Breaking the Travel Center Mold

Episode #23 – What Products Should Truckstops and Travel Centers Carry?

Episode #24 – Box Trucks, Speed of Service and Diesel Lanes for Four-Wheelers with NATSO's CEO

Episode #25 – Biodiesel Fundamentals for Truckstops with the Alternative Fuels Council

Episode #26 – Convenience Retailing During the Pandemic with the Hosts of the In-Convenience Podcast

Episode #27 – Touchless Self Checkout Systems Are the Future

Episode #28 – Truckstop and Travel Center Industry 2021 Government Affairs Priorities

Episode #29 – Port Fuel Center Set to Offer Speed in Savannah

Episode #30 – Pats Travel Center, the Friendliest Travel Center in Texas

Episode #31 – Sacramento 49er Travel Plaza President Shares How the NATSO Foundation Bill and Carolyn Moon Scholarship Changes Lives

Episode #32 – A Look at What Makes the Magic at Fred’s Fuel N Food

Episode #33 –  Everyone is Welcome at Florida 595 Truck Stop

Episode #34 –  Gifts, Apparel and Pet Services Stand Out at Dukes Mount Vernon TA Express

Episode #35 – Truckstop and Travel Center Employee Retention

Episode #36 – How to Get Customers into Your Truckstop from the Fuel Island

Episode #37 – TA Express White Hills, AZ Explodes on the Truckstop Scene

Episode #38 – Four-Wheel Travel is Up: Ideas to Make Sure Your Truckstop is Prepared for the Increased Traffic

Episode #39 – Electric Vehicle Charging: What Equipment, Which Grants and Investment Projections

Episode #40 – NATSO Government Affairs Update

Episode #41 Creating an Experience in Your Travel Plaza

Episode #42 – Blending Renewable Fuels with NATSO’s Alternative Fuel Council 

Episode #43 – A Fresh Perspective on Technology, Speed-of-Service and Food Service with 3B's Truck & Auto Plaza's Ben Khatirine

Episode #44 – Big Boys Truckstop Celebrates 30 Years

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