Truckstop and Travel Center Industry Trends [Podcast]

In this episode, Darren Schulte takes listeners on a deep dive into trucking trends and food trends impacting the industry.
Truckstop and Travel Center Industry Trends [Podcast]

It is a disruptive time in the fuel business, but NATSO’s new The Truck Stops Here podcast is packed with critical analysis on what to expect as well as ideas to propel your travel center business into the future. You'll hear from experts on and off the NATSO staff and directly from NATSO members on what techniques they use to excel. Pull up, grab the fuel nozzle and get ready to fuel up with NATSO's newest educational offering!

At NATSO, we are always scanning for the trends impacting the truckstop industry and as someone with a deep history in the industry who visits hundreds of truckstops a year, podcast guest Darren Schulte is certainly an expert.

In this episode, Schulte takes listeners on a deep dive into trucking trends and food trends impacting the industry.

While we recorded this episode before the coronavirus pandemic turned the country and the truckstop business on its head, the trends in this episode are still relevant despite that big disruption.

From the impact of ELDS to the length of haul, Schulte walks listeners through not only the trucking trends but also what they mean for truckstops and travel centers. Then he shares today's food trends, looking at fast casual, healthy food and some food offerings that he's seen that are really working well.

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