Say hello to Delia Meier, NATSO member, and Senior Vice President of Iowa 80 Group and CAT Scale in Walcott, IA. She likes being part of NATSO because it brings together a concentrated group of truckstop and travel center operators to achieve a common goal.

As a longtime member and an integral to the voice of the industry, Delia believes in the value of NATSO membership. She says, “There are many ways that NATSO provides value to its members. It makes your business stronger and makes a difference in your future profitability. There are so many ways to get involved, from events like Day on the Hill and NATSO Connect, to joining committees that help shape the future of the industry.”

Say hi to Mike Newburn, NATSO member, and part of the team at DAS Companies, Inc. Over the past several years, he's seen the industry experience impressive growth.

He likes being part of NATSO because it helps him get to know his customers better. He says, “I love interacting with NATSO and its members because it gives me the opportunity to better collectively understand my customers. Vendors should join NATSO because it puts you in front of some of the most innovative, most influential, and largest travel centers across the country.”

Say hi to Rex Davis, a NATSO member, with Davis Travel Centers. He's seen the industry thrive over the past several years with many new locations from independent operators, chains, and regional players from across the country.

He likes being a member for the depth of knowledge from fellow members and staff. He also finds value in the camaraderie that's built through interactions and events. He says, “Travel center operators should become members of NATSO in order to retain additional resources they provide to help with operating their business, from everyday challenges to large legislative issues that impact the entire industry. NATSO embraces independent operators, large chains, and regional operations to make sure all voices contribute to the development of the industry.”

Say hi to Ernie Brame, NATSO member, and General Manager of the Kenly 95 truckstop in Kenly, NC. He likes being part of NATSO because of all the opportunities to network with other members.

He enjoys the togetherness and the time spent advancing common goals. He says, “It’s a community of like-minded individuals that come together for a common purpose to promote our business with passion. I get to network with people from all over the country with different backgrounds in different regions that are all passionate about promoting the growth of our industry.”

Say hi to Tim Campbell, NATSO member, and COO of Interstate Health Systems, Inc. Tim's been a vendor and NATSO member for 15 years across multiple companies. He's seen the industry grow significantly during his time as a vendor. His experience with our members and staff helped influence a business model to specifically provide a much-needed service for truck stops and travel centers.

He says, “NATSO is such a fantastic organization because of the knowledge of the members and the camaraderie they've built together. I love working with NATSO members and staff because they're so knowledgeable and willing to help in any area I need. I can pick up the phone and call them to get information about anything I'd ever want to know about the industry.”

Say hi to Heather DeBaillie, NATSO member, and Vice President of Marketing at Iowa 80 Group and CAT Scale in Walcott, IA. She enjoys being part of NATSO because of the collective voice it brings to truckstop and travel center operators from all around the country.

Heather finds there is a hidden benefit to becoming a member that others might not consider. She says, “The biggest hidden benefit of being a NATSO member is the relationships you make on a personal level with staff, vendors, and other members. It makes getting together at events like Day on the Hill and NATSO Connect almost like you are reengaging with friends and family. That’s something that you really can’t quantify, but it’s so valuable like when you have a question about anything, you can call other industry partners.”