Six Facts Truckstops Need to Know About Gen Z

Generation Z, the group coming up right behind Millennials, will overtake Gen Y as the country's largest cohort by 2034, ultimately peaking at 78 million. Members of Gen Z—those born between 1997 and 2012—have different shopping habits than the generations before them, and retailers can't afford to ignore this critical group of shoppers. Here are six facts about Gen Z that can help retailers connect with this powerful customer base. More

Answers to Truckstop Operators’ FAQs on Parking

Answers to Truckstop Operators’ FAQs on Parking Members Only Join or Login

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions I get on parking. More

Considerations for California Fuel Retailers Who Wish to Take Advantage of Biodiesel Benefits

In April, I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar to the California Fuels & Convenience Alliance webinar on Best Practices for Your Biodiesel. More biodiesel production is being pushed into California due to favorable State policies and incentives. The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) have added to the economic incentives for investing in biodiesel. Here are a few of the important factors I shared with listeners: Where to Start For those considering biodiesel, I suggest you review your supply options, particularly those that are nearby, and determine how far they are from a terminal or rail as well as how much space they have to store product and any infrastructure they need. You want to calculate what this is going to do for your margins and these are estimates. Next, operators must obtain an IRS 637M blender’s license and become registered under U.S.EPA Renewable Fuel Standard as a RIN Owner. Alt Fuels staff are assisting clients with these preliminary steps daily... More

Combine Categories to Maximize Promotional Pricing Results at Your Truckstop

Combine Categories to Maximize Promotional Pricing Results at Your Truckstop

Truckstop and travel plaza operators are familiar with promotional pricing. Walk into any location, and you will see two-for-one or buy-one-get-one deals (BOGOs). It is often vendors that are pushing these, but are they useful? Here are my thoughts and some examples of how operators can execute promotional pricing as well as how I had my team of merchants carry this out. More

Check Out the Exceptional Offerings at The Thumb in Arizona

Check Out the Exceptional Offerings at The Thumb in Arizona

During a visit to Scottsdale, Arizona, a friend told me we had to have to lunch at The Thumb. She raved about the barbecue, then she added with a smile, “It is a gas station.” Although the sign at The Thumb says it is “just your average gas station,” the location is anything but average. More

Are We Required to Provide an Application?

Today Federated Insurance is sharing one of our “HR Questions of the Month” regarding employment-related practices liability issues. Question: If someone comes in asking for an employment application but we are not hiring for any positions, are we still required to give them an application? More

Nine Great Ideas to Grow Sales and Improve the Customer Experience at Your Truckstop

Nine Great Ideas to Grow Sales and Improve the Customer Experience at Your Truckstop

As a travel center operator, you must always be asking yourself how can you better serve your customers. Here are nine great ideas to implement to make sure you are growing sales and giving customers what they want. More

Trends Alert: Diesel Engines Still Power America — and Will for a Long Time

There’s a lot of buzz going around about new fuels for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. While research and development of cleaner fuels is always a good idea, the reality is liquid fuels will power U.S. fleets for decades to come. That’s led some fleets to ask about renewable diesel as a solution. Renewable diesel is a good fuel, but most of the nation’s supply goes to the West Coast, and it will be a long time before it’s readily available elsewhere. The fact is, biodiesel blends are needed to meet U.S. fleets’ fuel needs and sustainability initiatives for decades to come. More

Tips for Preparing to Store, Blend and Distribute Biofuels at Your Truckstop

There is a long process a gallon of fuel goes through before it flows through the nozzle at the pump, and it is crucial that fuel remains on spec. More

Take a Virtual Tour of Clark Oil

Clark Oil is an excellent example of an operator running a successful location. Clark Oil has its roots in the convenience store industry, so it is no surprise that they focus on speed and can move people in and out of the truckstop quickly. More

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