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Positioning Your Diesel Fuel Lanes for the Future [Podcast]

Positioning Your Diesel Fuel Lanes for the Future [Podcast]


From Staffing to Diesel Pumps: Ideas to Grow Your Travel Center Business [Podcast]

From Staffing to Diesel Pumps: Ideas to Grow Your Travel Center Business [Podcast]

Don Quinn, NATSO Service’s vice president, and Darren Schulte, NATSO's vice president, membership, frequently consult for travel centers and truckstops. They help travel centers grow their business. Oftentimes, that means coming out and spending a few days onsite doing a complete evaluation, but it also means answering a lot of critical operational questions to help those expanding their travel center business or entering the market. In this episode, they explore some of the frequently asked questions they receive as they help those new to the industry. More

Attracting Four-Wheel Diesel Drivers & Converting Them to Inside Sales Members Only Join or Login

The traveling public can make up an essential part of truckstop and travel plazas' overall sales, and making the most of this customer segment means moving them off of the fuel islands and inside the store. Stop Watch sat down with those within the industry to learn more about how operators are tapping into four-wheel drivers to boost overall sales and provide the best customer service. More

11 Best Practices for Adding Fuel Lanes to Your Travel Center

11 Best Practices for Adding Fuel Lanes to Your Travel Center

Adding fuel lanes can help operators accommodate more traffic and draw in customers, but there are several key factors operators should consider when expanding their fuel offerings. Here are 11 best practices to employ when adding them to your location. More

Technology Works to Speed Fuel Transactions at Truckstops Members Only Join or Login

With increased demands on drivers and hours-of-service regulations, professional drivers are eager to stop for what they need and get back on the road as quickly as possible. Locations are offering more convenient food options and working to speed transactions inside the store, but many have been limited with what they could do on the fuel islands. More

Report Projects Decline of U.S. Diesel ​Demand After 2015

A new report commissioned by the Fuels Institute with funding support from the NATSO Foundation projects that U.S. diesel demand will decline 12.5 percent to 3.5 million barrels per day (MMB/D) in 2030 from a near-term peak of about 4 million MMB/D in 2015. More

Multiple Markets and Suppliers Help Operators Get the Best Price on Fuel

Diesel fuel and gasoline are the lifeblood of a truckstop and travel plaza. Not only are they high-priced items, there is little margin, so finding the best price on each load is crucial. Plus, operators need to keep a steady supply flowing and work to minimize disruptions during periods of peak demand or bad weather. Diesel fuel and gasoline are too important to truckstop and travel plaza operations to leave the purchasing up to chance. Operators said they are working with multiple suppliers, utilizing contracts and securing lines of credit to ensure they always have product available and are getting it at a good rate. More

Severe Diesel Outages in Pennsylvania and Ohio

Diesel fuel marketers in western Pennsylvania up through eastern and northern Ohio are struggling with acute diesel supply shortages, including some terminals that are out of product, OPIS has reported. More

Diesel to Remain the Leading Fuel for Decades to Come

While alternative fuels and technologies may increase in the future, diesel will remain the primary fuel for the trucking industry for decades. The findings were part of a two-year study on the future of alternative fuels conducted by the National Petroleum Council. The U.S. Secretary of Energy requested the study, which looked at the full breadth of alternative-fuel options alongside traditional diesel and gasoline. More

USA Today Editorial Calls For Increasing the Gas Tax

Increasing the federal motor fuels tax is the simplest, fairest and least invasive way to increase revenues for infrastructure spending, USA Today stated in a recent editorial. More

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