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The Petroleum Marketing Practices Act – Outlining Your Rights and Obligations as a Branded Motor Fuel Retailer Members Only Join or Login

Over the couple of years there have been several reports of refining companies such as CITGO sending letters to their branded gasoline retailers reminding – and warning –them not to comingle unbranded fuel with branded supplies. “Commingling” is an age-old problem for the retail petroleum industry, and one that branded retailers may often find to be frustratingly restrictive: If less expensive fuel is available, one might ask, why shouldn’t a branded retailer be able to acquire that product and sell fuel at a more competitive price? More

Multiple Markets and Suppliers Help Operators Get the Best Price on Fuel

Diesel fuel and gasoline are the lifeblood of a truckstop and travel plaza. Not only are they high-priced items, there is little margin, so finding the best price on each load is crucial. Plus, operators need to keep a steady supply flowing and work to minimize disruptions during periods of peak demand or bad weather. Diesel fuel and gasoline are too important to truckstop and travel plaza operations to leave the purchasing up to chance. Operators said they are working with multiple suppliers, utilizing contracts and securing lines of credit to ensure they always have product available and are getting it at a good rate. More

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