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10 Creative Solutions Travel Centers are Using to Overcome Inventory Challenges

10 Creative Solutions Travel Centers are Using to Overcome Inventory Challenges Members Only Join or Login

Supply chain issues and labor challenges continue, making it harder for truckstop and travel plaza operators to ensure they have the right products in the right place at the right time and pushing inventory management to the forefront. Operators have embraced several strategies to keep shelves stocked, including building safety stock, finding non-traditional suppliers and shifting SKUs. More

Decrease Shrink to Increase Profitability at Your Truckstop [Infographic]

Retail losses can add up to big bucks for operators, and any net operating cost improvement plan should include a robust plan to manage retail and cost shrink. More

Reduce Theft at Your Truckstop Location [Infographic]

Following the holidays, theft can increase as employees and customers alike start realizing they may have overspent on gifts. This infographic offers several easy, actionable tips that can help operators reduce shrink. More

Implement Internal Controls at Your Truckstop to Minimize Risks of Fraud and Theft

Each day businesses throughout the United States fall victim to fraud. The perpetrators range from front-line employees to upper management, and unfortunately, the hard truth is that fraud is on the rise. That means business owners need to be even more diligent when creating a system of checks and balances that will take away the opportunity for employees to steal. More

What is your number one shrink prevention tool?

Learn about the shrink prevention tools truckstop operators rely on. More

Take Advantage of Holiday Sales

The winter holidays bring additional sales opportunities for truckstops and travel plazas. Not only do locations see an increase in the number of four-wheeler passengers stopping in as they travel to be with friends and family, professional drivers are often on the look out for gifts for loved ones while they’re out on the road. And while Thanksgiving and Christmas are still a couple months away, now is the time to create sales strategies that will increase sales and profits. More

Minimize Employee and Vendor Theft Members Only Join or Login

Losses from theft—also called shrink—are a part of life for retailers. Shrink will never be completely eliminated, but truckstop and travel plaza operators can take steps to minimize it. More

Education Announced for The NATSO Show

18 educational opportunities have been crafted to help NATSO members improve their business operations today and make innovative business decisions that will lead them into the future. More

How Do You Combat Shrinkage in Your Store?

By far our best asset protection is our employees. More

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