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Turn Dead Space Into a Revenue Generator at Your Truckstop

Turn Dead Space Into a Revenue Generator at Your Truckstop

Golden Husky Travel Centre in Golden, British, Columbia lined a hallway with funny, innovative and motivational signs that are all for sale. More

 Have a Cup on Us Campaign at Broadway Truck Stops

Have a Cup on Us Campaign at Broadway Truck Stops

To help build inside store sales, Broadway Truck Stops held a have-a-cup-on-us promotion. More

Local Favorites on the Go

Sometimes the best ideas come from outside the industry. More

Host a Driver Event Like Shell Rotella SuperRigs

White’s Travel Plaza hosted the 36th annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs event in June. White’s, which is owned by NATSO member Bobby Berkstresser and located on I-81 in Raphine, Virginia, is always a popular location, and when you add a spectacular event like the Shell Big Rigs, it becomes even more of a draw. More

Pride Stores Excels at Social Media

Pride Stores LLC, headquartered in Springfield, Massachusetts, put an extra emphasis on its online presence by hiring a social media manager. After almost two years, Chris Szarek has grown the company’s digital profile by strategically using Google business tools, Facebook and more. More

Try Putting Your Manager’s Office in the Middle of Your Truckstop

Home Service Oil Co., doing business as Express Mart, St. Louis, Missouri, has their managers’ “offices” in the center of its convenience stores. More

Guthrie Travel Center Uses Movable Placards for Signage Excellence

If you look over Guthrie Travel Center in Guthrie, Oklahoma, from left to right—from the cooler to the coffee area—you’d see they’ve done a nice job highlighting their offerings with signage and that includes the movable placards over their coolers. More

Great Idea in Action: Bobby Bucks

White’s Petro Stopping Center in Raphine, Virginia, has its own currency—Bobby Bucks. More

Great Idea in Action: New Employee Buttons

To help take some of the stress off of new cashiers and set customers’ expectations, Wade has new hires wear big yellow buttons that say, “Be patient. I am in training.” More

Great Idea in Action: We Pump Wednesday

During lunch on Wednesdays at the truckstops of Miller Oil Co. in Norfolk, Virgina, customers are treated to the unusual luxury of having their fuel pumped. More

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