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Coffee: Here’s to Your Health!

The latest National Coffee Drinking Trends study (conducted annually by the National Coffee Association since 1950) called out these three leading barriers to coffee consumption: 1: limit caffeine (48%) 2: expensive away-from home (45%) 3: concerns that coffee is not healthy (32%) More

Six More Ways to Turn Your Truckstop Into a Treasure Truck of Sales

Last month, I shared Five Ways to Turn Your Truckstop Into a Treasure Truck of Sales. Today I am back with five more. More

Five Tips for a Successful Loyalty Program at Your Truckstop

When done right, loyalty programs can create a win/win situation for customers and the businesses they frequent. For truckstop and travel plaza operators, the programs can be used to create or enhance the location experience and encourage the driver to come inside, but before launching a program, operators need to know how their needs match up with their customers’ needs. More

Millennial Shoppers’ Impact On Retail From Coca-Cola

Insights on the millennial shopper and key takeaways for retailers from The Coca-Cola Company Knowledge & Insights iSHOP Tracking Study More

Five Ways to Turn Your Truckstop Into a Treasure Truck of Sales

As the world gets smaller and time more fleeting, competition for our customers flat to shrinking available spend is growing. Let’s take advantage of our lots, our space to energize our locations. Let’s get back to becoming destinations of the local and traveling public. First identify day of the week where you can capitalize on your traffic counts such as the weekend buying frenzying that is typical retail and then GET CREATIVE with your sales. Here are some ideas to you started. More

Ten Ways to Increase Emotional Engagement at Your Truckstop

NATSO members joined together this month during an operational exchange conference call* to share ways they connect with customers. Here are ten key ideas operators shared during the call. More

70% Of Consumers Want Breakfast All Day: Should Your Truckstop Offer It?

The National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast showed that 70 percent of consumers wanted restaurants to serve breakfast throughout the day. It also showed an increase in interest in “breakfast for dinner” in the millennial demographic. More

Three Examples of How to Offer The Personal Touch at Your Truckstop

I shared with the reporter the story of doing a quick survey at a NATSO member location to help the owner determine why truck drivers were stopping at his location. In this instance, the member thought the main reason drivers were stopping at his location was the price of their fuel. However, the reason was the friendliness of their staff. I think a lot of our independent members who are putting a priority on providing the personal touch would get the same survey results. Here are a few ideas on providing the personal touch at your truckstop. More

NATSO Members Find Answers On Attracting Hispanic Drivers

What one thing should I do to increase sales and loyalty among my Hispanic customer? More

The Benefits of Branding

Branding has long been proven to provide a number of critical benefits for small to large businesses alike. More

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