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Three Ways to Network with Your Truckstop Customer to Build Relationships and Better Understand Their Needs

A loyal customer base is built on relationships, and every successful relationship takes work. During The NATSO Show, networking expert Thom Singer shared his insights and shared three ways truckstop and travel plaza operators can connect with their customers to build a stronger, more loyal customer base. Hire Friendly Employees: Finding friendly employees is one of the most important things for operators, Singer said. “You can teach people how to stock your shelves or how to clean, but you can’t teach friendly,” he said, adding that owners need to think about ways to make customers feel welcome... More

Four Ways to Connect with Truckstop Customers Shared at The NATSO Show

Building a brand is dependent on connecting with customers, and the nation’s most icon brands invest time and money researching the best ways to engage shoppers. During The NATSO Show 2016, J.T. McMahan, director of sales for Coca-Cola Refreshments, shared his insight into four key ways businesses can connect with those they serve. More

NATSO Check-Link Driver 101: Checks Are Safe

As my final Check-Link Driver 101 blog post, let’s discuss the safety aspect of Check-Link. Why would it be safer to write a check than use a credit card? Many people may not realize it, but checks are the safest form of payment after cash today. More

NATSO Check-Link Driver 101: Where Drivers Write Checks

Today let’s explore in the age of mobile payment methods, should drivers be concerned about finding places that will accept their checks if they participate in Check-Link? More

NATSO Check-Link Driver 101: Why Write Checks?

In the age of high credit card fees and fuel card fees, writing checks actually saves drivers money. Drivers pay very high processing fees to use credit cards or even fuel cards every time they fill their tank. In a lot of cases, those fees are hidden. More

How to Categorize Your Truckstop’s Merchandise and Increase Your Turns

Here is some of my basic truckstop merchandise advice: categorize your merchandise carefully and pay attention to how fast it turns. First, let’s chat categories. Breaking your merchandise down into categories at a minimum is critical to understanding why, when, how and what your merchandising is doing. And if you have the resources, breaking it down further to sub categories will help you further understand your merchandise. Detailed sales tracking helps good retailers learn more about their customers and their customers’ buying habits.... More

Four Innovative Kiosks That Your Truckstop May Need

During my many travels to visit NATSO members, I’ve seen a lot of cool stuff at NATSO member truckstops. I’ve also seen a lot of cool stuff in many different retail and non-retail operations. One thing I have seen a lot of in the last two years—innovative kiosks and vending machines. Here are four great parking lot ideas that come from outside the industry. More

Do Coffee Drinkers Care About Sustainability?

This is naturally an important question, because as businesses and brands we want to create value for our customers. When it comes to sustainability, the research has been somewhat inconclusive. Consumers will say they value sustainability, particularly younger consumers, but that doesn’t always translate to purchase behavior. So, the question persists… do they care? More

From Oysters to Truckstops: A Conversation with James Bloodworth, General Manager of Acme Truck Stop

During the NATSO Show I had the opportunity to talk with James Bloodworth, general manager of Acme Truck Stop in Orlando, FL, about what inspires him in his work as a general manager. More

How to Create Easter Baskets for Your Truckstop

We’ve written many blog posts and Stop Watch magazine articles about the importance of tapping into the additional sales opportunities available during the holidays. Not only do locations see an increase in the number of four-wheeler passengers stopping in as they travel to be with friends and family, professional drivers are often on the look out for gifts for loved ones while they’re out on the road. I sat down with Thomas Petrauskas, manager of Greater Chicago Truck Plaza in Bolingbrook, Illinois, to learn how they take advantage of the Easter holiday by building custom Easter baskets. More

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