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Big Boys Truckstop Celebrates 30 Years [Podcast]

Big Boys Truckstop Celebrates 30 Years [Podcast]

For 30 years, Big Boys Truckstop has provided hospitality to professional drivers and local customers in Kenly, North Carolina. With a big 30th celebration planned this week, owner Wendi Powell joined the podcast to tell us about their anniversary plans and what has helped the business succeed for three decades. More

New Ideas and Trends in Food Service Members Only Join or Login

For truckstops and travel plazas, restaurants are among the most important profit centers at the locations. Sit-down and quick-service restaurants alike attract four-wheeler traffic, professional drivers and locals. Even better, restaurant and foodservice sales are expected to reach a record high of $660.5 billion this year, the National Restaurant Association reported. That’s a 3.8 percent increase from 2012. More

Thank Drivers While Attracting New Customers

Special driver appreciation events honor the 3.4 million professional truck drivers in the United States. More

Serving Truckstop and Travel Plaza Customers during the Holidays

Although many professional drivers have delivered their loads and are home for the holidays, passenger traffic skyrockets. More

Boost Truckstop Restaurant Sales with Catering

Boost restaurant sales with catering. More

The RoboBurger equipment is a fully autonomous robotic burger chef in a vending machine.
TravelCenters of America recently opened a new TA Express Travel Center near Statesboro, Georgia.
The initial grant distribution will prioritize funding for EV charging infrastructure at off-highway and off-Interstate locations.
The Charge Ahead Partnership is a coalition of individuals and businesses united in the idea that the best way to expand the electric vehicle charging network is through a competitive, market-based approach.
NATSO members should contact their state transportation departments promptly to learn about their electric vehicle charging plans and to share our industry's perspective on the plans' development.
It is incumbent upon fuel retailers to urge state DOTs to structure projects in a “make-ready” model that allows utilities to invest in the grid and distribution enhancements necessary to feed charging stations while a competitive, private market governs the consumer-facing charging transaction.