Topics: Letter from the Chairman

Catering to Hispanic Consumers

Marketing 101 tells us the most important thing is to know your customer! As operators, it is crucial that we understand our customers. Importantly, many in the industry have done a better job than others, including myself, in working to better understand the Hispanic shopper. Since the year 2000, Hispanic shoppers have increased spending more than 200 percent and by the year 2017, Hispanic consumers’ spending power is estimated to be $1.7 trillion. More

Great Ideas from Abroad

Great ideas being the theme of this edition of Stop Watch provides an excellent opportunity for those that attended this year’s international study tour to share the GREAT IDEAS they took away from that visit. More

Are Theories of Motivation and Investment in Team Members Linked Today?

As employers, we strive to have happy employees and reduce our turnover rate. Yet, many of us fail to thoroughly analyze our compensation packages on a regular basis. More

Message from NATSO's 2014 Chairman

I humbly accept the privilege of again serving as your Chairman in 2014! And borrowing a lyric from a Bob Dylan song, “we’re either born to live or we’re born to die.” I’m here to tell you in 2014 NATSO is born to LIVE! More

Chairman's Letter: Learning with NATSO

I encourage all operators to attend The NATSO Show and gain knowledge from industry experts, their peers and our top industry suppliers. More

Key Performance Indicators for Truckstops

It’s often said that there is more than one road to heaven, which for me I hope is a truism. Similarly, when it comes to metric formulas there are sometimes more than one road to a like result. In the last issue of Stop Watch, I discussed the importance of key performance indicators. In this issue, I will share details on some of the top indicators and how you can apply them to your business. More

Key Performance Indicators

It seems one topic that often comes up at industry events that operators dance around is their key performance indicator. Everyone is interested in knowing what one key performance indicator or metric their fellow operators value the highest and why. So, we recently asked industry specialists and operators that question and received the following responses. More

Finding Success Using Warren Buffet's Rules

Those of you who attended The NATSO Show may remember that during my speech I shared that there is one thing Warren Buffet and I have in common, and, unfortunately for me, it’s not wealth. It is the belief that investing in yourself provides a higher return than any other investment you can make. More

Be the First Off the Diving Board Using Experts and Resources

As business owners, we’re used to change. Sometimes we change because we have a great idea. Other times we transform because our customers’ needs change. Or sometimes competition forces us to change. No matter why we seek out new ways to do things, we know staying nimble is critical in allowing us to embrace changes that are imperative for our success. More

You Can Make the Right Choice

One good choice we all can make is the choice to rally together. More

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