You Can Make the Right Choice

One good choice we all can make is the choice to rally together.

As we reflect on the passing of another year in the truckstop industry often we ask ourselves, “How successful have I been this year in my business?” I think we all look back on a passing year and wonder what we could have done differently. But before we beat ourselves up for mistakes or bad decisions made during the year or regret not doing something differently, we should take a moment to count the things we did do right. As you know the truckstop business is full of choices every day and I would argue we all make the right call most of the time.

One good choice we all can make is the choice to rally together. As part of an association of more than 1,200 truckstop locations, you have the choice to act alone or to stand with us shoulder to shoulder and tackle the tough problems. You have already made the great choice to be a member of NATSO. As you plan your 2013 budgets and travel schedule, I hope you will also invest in your truckstop and the industry by making plans to attend both The NATSO Show and NATSO’s Day on Capitol Hill.

This year the industry is convening in Savannah, Ga. on Feb. 2–6 for The NATSO Show. I, along with the nine other operators on The NATSO Show Advisory Council, spent the last few months as- sisting NATSO’s staff in curating content for the conference. We chose speakers and networking experiences that will help deliver real solutions to your challenges. Please plan to invest in your business by joining us in Savannah.

NATSO’s Day on Capitol Hill is one way to protect your business from unfair regulations and burdensome rules. Like The NATSO Show, this event is dedicated just for you. Held May 6–8 in Washington, D.C., it is your opportunity to make a choice to either voice your concerns or the choice to do nothing and then sit back and hope. Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing nothing different but expecting different results.” Do something! Make the choice to meet your state’s elected officials. Whether you are able to meet one- on-one with your Senators or Representative or whether you meet with their staffers, your voice will be heard. You made the choice to elect them and in May you can put them to work listening to you. After all, aren’t they supposed to represent you?

Again, as you reflect on this passing year, set yourself a goal for 2013 to join us in Savannah, Ga., in February and Washington, D.C., in May. I promise you will come out a different person knowing that you did make the right choice for you, the right choice for our association and the right choice for your truckstop.


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