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Five Places to Network at The NATSO Show

Dedicated show floor hours are the heart of any tradeshow, but the opportunities to connect with attendees extend well beyond the show floor at The NATSO Show 2014. In Nashville, vendors are welcome to attend the educational sessions and networking events that abound. Here are five places suppliers and truckstop operators can connect this January. More

Five Ways to Increase Your Success Before The NATSO Show

When you invest time and money to attend a trade show, you want to get a solid return on your investment. Finding success on the tradeshow floor often means taking action beforehand. Here are five ways you can increase your success before The NATSO Show and make the most of your face-to-face meetings while in Nashville. More

A Day in the Life of a NATSO Truckstop Operator: Keith Wade, Petro Dodge City #397

When you’re preparing to greet 1,000 drivers or more a day, mornings come early. For Keith Wade, operations director at Petro Dodge City #397 in Hanceville, Ala., each day starts with two cups of coffee and plenty of conversation with his staff. He likes to learn what is going on in each department and hear about the managers’ plans for the day. More

Avoid These Five Typical Trade Show Mistakes

When industry suppliers head to a trade show, their primary goal is to engage with customers and present their products and services in the best way possible, but seasoned pros know that a space is only part of the equation. To make sure everything goes right, avoid making these five common trade show mistakes. More

Help Operators Take Advantage of Holiday Sales

Like all retailers, truckstop and travel plaza operators know that the holidays mean increased opportunities for sales. Not only do locations see an increase in the number of four-wheeler passengers stopping in as they travel to be with friends and family, professional drivers are often on the look out for gifts for loved ones while they’re out on the road. More

Seven Secrets of Productive Travelers

For many industry suppliers, business travel is a way of life. Learning to make the most of travel not only increases business opportunities, it can also increase overall happiness. Improve your travel experiences with these seven tips. More

Truckstop Operators Weigh in on Successful Sales Visits

Sales visits are one of the best opportunities for industry suppliers to build relationships and secure sales with truckstop and travel plaza operators. But for a sales visit to be effective, it has to meet the needs of all involved. To help suppliers better understand what operators look for in a sales visit, Highway Business Matters sat down with Seth Miller of Petro Travel Store #353 in Portage, Wis., and David Shoemaker of Shoemaker’s Travel Center in Lincoln, Neb., to get their top tips for quality sales meetings. More

Seven Tips to Master the 30-Minute Meeting

Everyone is busy and time is money, so keeping meetings short and actionable can help maximize everyone’s time while also getting the job done. Here are seven tips on how to master the 30-minute meeting. More

Sell More Effectively

To connect with truckstop operators and sell more products, the key is to make the entire transaction about them, not you. Force isn’t an effective sales tactic, but taking time to develop a trusted relationship by showing you know and understand your customer’s needs is. Here are six ways you can sell more effectively. More

Nine Tips for Tradeshow Success

Tradeshows are a significant investment for attendees and exhibitors alike. When you’re investing both time and money, you want to make sure you make the most of the event. Throw in the fact that tradeshows are one of the only places you get to meet face-to-face with business owners, managers and buyers under one roof and maximizing your presence is key. More

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