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Truckstop Travels: Yellow Rose Travel Plaza Mops Up

Just 30 miles from College Station, Texas, home of Johnny Football’s alma mater Texas A & M University, you will find Yellow Rose Travel Plaza. More

Truckstop Travels: Innovation At Fontana Truck Stop

Today’s innovation comes from Fontana Truck Stop in Fontana, California. More

Truckstop Travels: Drive-Throughs and Clothing Donation in Ohio

I have had the pleasure of witnessing some great ideas being implemented and executed in the field that are distinguishing these independents from the competition. More

Truckstop Travels: NATSO Staff Visits Davis Travel Center

This summer, NATSO staff visited Davis Travel Center in Stony Creek, Virginia, to learn more about their operations as well as ways NATSO can continue to help independent operators through education, knowledge and training. More

Creating A Merchandising Strategy When Designing Or Redesigning A Truckstop

A merchandising strategy as it applies to a remodel or a new build is a combination of numerous design and layout changes coupled with merchandising concepts. More

Seven Steps to Minimize Loss from Fuel Theft at Your Truckstop

Recently a driver stole $1,500 worth of fuel from a truckstop in Virginia. In our industry, drive-offs are less of an issue than they were just a short 10 years ago, but sometimes fuel theft does occur. Here are some steps that truckstop operators can take to minimize loss. More

Get the Full Story on PPACA before Choosing a Group Plan

As an employer, you are undoubtedly aware of “Obamacare,” a.k.a. PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), and all its implications. You are also likely hearing a lot of information about the pricing and plan designs offered through medical insurance providers in your state. More

What Items Go Into The Sales Per Square Foot Calculation For Truckstops?

How is sales per square foot calculated for truckstops? More

Eight Ways to Be A More Productive Leader at Your Truckstop

While no two days are ever exactly the same for truckstop and travel plaza operators, one thing that is consistent is there is never enough time to get everything done. To succeed, independent operators need to excel at the basics while constantly strategizing and innovating for the future. More

Stop Watch Archives Quick Tips for Calming Truckstop Customers

With today’s technology, complaining customers can broadcast their thoughts far and wide in real time. The upside of that is that once retailers know more about their customers’ concerns, they can address them and turn the experience around. Addressing complaints can show people that you’re human and give them a solution to their problems, but to make the most of the situation, it can help to know the type of complainer. More

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