Truckstop Travels: Innovation At Fontana Truck Stop

Today’s innovation comes from Fontana Truck Stop in Fontana, California.


As I wrote on Tuesday in Truckstop Travels: Drive-Throughs and Clothing Donation in Ohio, I have had the pleasure of witnessing some great ideas in the field that are distinguishing independents from the competition.

Today’s innovation comes from Fontana Truck Stop in Fontana, California.





During my visit this summer, I was tickled beyond giddiness to see so many cool services already in place and many more lined-up for the future. Innovation is their calling card and their highway to future success.

  • Do you need propane for you motor vehicle as well as your grill? They got it! Yes some vehicles do run on propane. I discovered this first hand in taxis in Bogota, Columbia. 
  • Do you want CNG and LNG together at the pump along with diesel and bulk DEF? Check again! Yep that is right, they offer all of this on the same fueling island. It is just a bit longer fueling station than normal.

  • How about a CAT Scale drive-through so truck drivers do not have to get out of the truck? Check again. Not only is this convenient it also presents the opportunity for an upsell. “By the way, can I get you a cup of coffee and a donut as well sir?” (Jubitz Truck Stop & Travel Center in Portland, Oregon has a similar scale set up.)

Remember, competition is changing everywhere. Check out this very innovative Lowe’s. They are now getting market share from someone’s food service business.


/// What are you doing that is innovative and setting you apart from your competition? Please tell us in the comments. We really would love to know.

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Photo Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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