Truckstop Travels: Yellow Rose Travel Plaza Mops Up

Just 30 miles from College Station, Texas, home of Johnny Football’s alma mater Texas A & M University, you will find Yellow Rose Travel Plaza.


Just 30 miles from College Station, Texas, home of Johnny Football’s alma mater Texas A & M University, you will find Yellow Rose Travel Plaza.

Sameer Hudda is the owner and operations director.

Yellow Rose, like many of our member’s locations, is a clean operation, but what struck me was just how clean it is.

Yellow Rose is a very busy location that continues to grow its distinct transaction counts. Friday and Sunday evenings can be a handful to say the very least.

Curb appeal is pleasant, but you are really treated to a gift when you enter. Try to find a dirty restroom or dust and dirt and you are hard pressed.


Carmen, one of two full time-cleaners, and her counter-part take immense pride in the cleanliness.

Restrooms are usually a struggle to manage because of constant customer usage, but the restrooms at Yellow Rose remain clean even during the turbulent hours. The traditional smell we are often greeted by even clean-looking restrooms is absent. These restrooms are just clean.

Ever the intrepid blogger, I checked behind hard to reach gondolas and even there found no dust build up. I looked for cobwebs and other signs of lack of detail in window corners and again found none. I checked underneath display fixtures where you can always find grime, again there was none there. I even looked behind the product on black shelves that really show dust and an absence of cleanliness, and you just do not see it.

Carmen and the others take their Dyson out every shift to clean behind the nooks and crannies that our customers see and experience daily, but we often overlook. If Dyson was looking for true believers in their equipment and its capabilities, the staff at Yellow Rose are believers.   

If you ask the customers why they stop as I did late Tuesday night, they will tell you very clearly. It is the cleanliness. Everyone has soda and candy, most have good service, most have what we want and need, but very few are truly clean locations, and this is one that is.

So next time you are doing your morning or afternoon walk through, check behind those hard to get to spaces and under those multiple floor displays to see if you can also say with pride that your location is truly one of the clean ones!






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Photo Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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