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Four Ways to Create or Improve Your Truckstop’s Culture

A strong company culture can benefit employees and customers alike, but creating a culture isn’t always easy. During this month’s operational exchange conference call, NATSO members joined together to share their insights on how they are building and strengthening their corporate culture. Here are four key ideas operators shared during the call. More

Are Your Truckstop Property Limits Accurate?

When discussing insurance values with your provider, be sure you include anything that could affect value: new machines or equipment, inventory (raw material, in-process and finished product, etc.), property of others, remodels, etc. And, don’t forget to consider inflation and other valuation factors. The amount you have on your balance sheet or the item’s cost new may not be an accurate reflection of your contents’ replacement costs. Remember, you probably had time to shop around and buy the items at the best possible price, but you won’t have that luxury when you need to get your business back up and running as fast as possible. More

70% Of Consumers Want Breakfast All Day: Should Your Truckstop Offer It?

The National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast showed that 70 percent of consumers wanted restaurants to serve breakfast throughout the day. It also showed an increase in interest in “breakfast for dinner” in the millennial demographic. More

Three Examples of How to Offer The Personal Touch at Your Truckstop

I shared with the reporter the story of doing a quick survey at a NATSO member location to help the owner determine why truck drivers were stopping at his location. In this instance, the member thought the main reason drivers were stopping at his location was the price of their fuel. However, the reason was the friendliness of their staff. I think a lot of our independent members who are putting a priority on providing the personal touch would get the same survey results. Here are a few ideas on providing the personal touch at your truckstop. More

10 Things To Make Your Truckstop Customer Comfortable

10 Things To Make Your Truckstop Customer Comfortable

In an industry known for its hospitality, customer service is key. That starts even before the customer walks in the door. Here are ten areas to examine to ensure your customer is comfortable. More

Toilet Room Mirror Mounted Too High From The Bottom Of The Reflecting Surface

The Department of Justice considers accessibility of toilet rooms to be third priority in ADA compliance, and a common issue we see in this area relates to the toilet room mirrors. More

12 Daily Tasks To Control Your Truckstop's Shrink

Shrink is a part of doing business, so business owners have to take steps daily to control it. Here are twelve daily actions you can take to help minimize losses. More

Termination & Discharge: What Are the Requirements for Employees Over the Age of 40?

We have a current employee who has been with the company for eight years in a Director role. We are considering outsourcing the work he does along with all IT work. I know we can go ahead and lay him off due to these business decisions and we would be putting together a separation agreement. My concern is that I read recently that anyone over the age of 40 is to be given the separation agreement at least 21 days in advance of the separation. True? We are concerned because he does have security controls, etc. and if we give him this advance notice - we are not sure what damage he might do to the company. More

Minimize Losses by Donating Expired Foods

For Doug Rauch, former president of the Trader Joe’s grocery chain and an upcoming speaker at The NATSO Show, food waste is a top concern. Not only is underutilizing food wasting our country’s resources, business owners that aren’t donating food that is past its use-by date or produce that isn’t at its best are losing money. More

Guidelines For Pro-Rating Pay For An Exempt Employee Upon Separation

Chairman's Circle Federated Insurances answers the question, "We have an exempt employee that separated in the middle of a workweek. We prorated his salary that week to reflect only the days he worked. He is coming back now stating that he had worked 40 hours that week before he left. Does that have any bearing on the pay, or are we ok with leaving it as is?" More

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