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Texas Increases Reliance on Toll Roads

Texas is in the midst of rapidly expanding toll road projects as the state struggles to finance transportation projects. More

Michigan Governor Moves Forward on New International Bridge Crossing

In Michigan voters rejected the constitutional amendment that would have delayed or blocked the planned New International Trade Crossing bridge between Detroit and Windsor. More

Virginia Lawmaker Proposes Fuel Tax Increase Instead of Tolls

Virginia State Sen. John Watkins rolled out his new transportation funding plan that will raise the gas tax, lower the income tax, and eliminate tax credits and exemptions. The plan includes a 14-cent per gallon fuel tax increase that Watkins said would raise about $734 million and avoid tolls proposed by Gov. Bob McDonnell to pay for road construction. Watkins said he will propose the legislation in January. More

Election 2012 Recap

Despite the balance of power remaining the same, there will be some changes within House and Senate Committees that are relevant to NATSO. More

North Carolina, Virginia Continue Heated Debate on Tolling

WTVR, CBS 6 in Richmond is asking readers to weigh in on whether they support tolls on I-95 with an online poll. More

N.C. Coalition Applauds Gubernatorial Candidates' Commitment to Keeping I-95 Toll Free

The North Carolina No Tolls I-95 Coalition, Inc., last week commended former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory and Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton for expressing their commitment to keeping Interstate 95 toll free during Tuesday night’s second gubernatorial debate. More

Chicago Planning Agency Calls for Congestion Pricing

CMAP called on Illinois transportation policymakers to incorporate congestion pricing into six major tollway projects. More

Opposition to I-95 Tolling Grabs Media Spotlight

Interstate 95 tolling opposition gained significant media attention in recent days. More

Op-Ed Highlights Inequity in I-95 Tolling Plan

Tolls are simply taxes, but unlike the fuel tax, tolls waste too much of the taxpayer's dollar on unneeded government bureaucracy and expenses. More

No Tolls I-95 Chairman Challenges N.C. Newspaper on Tolling

NATSO member Ernie Brame last week challenged the Fayetteville Observer for singling out its readers to pay a tax that other residents of North Carolina would not have to pay. More

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