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Anti-Tolling Coalition Opposes President's Proposal to Toll Existing Interstates

The Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates (ATFI) expressed opposition to the Obama Administration's Grow America Act, which would lift the decades-old ban on tolling existing federal interstate capacity, allow states to divert toll revenue to unrelated projects, and require the use of all-electronic tolling. More

Hearing Sheds Light on PPPs Outside U.S.

A House Transportation and Infrastructure hearing focused on public private partnerships (PPP) shed light on how PPPs have been utilized in other countries. More

N.Y. Times Highlights Tolling Opposition

Tolling existing interstates to fund infrastructure projects would cost fuel retailers, fast-food restaurants, convenience stores and other businesses along interstate routes billions, the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates (ATFI) told the New York Times. More

Sens. Kirk and Warner Introduce Tolling Legislation

Senators Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) recently introduced legislation that seeks to increase the number of states eligible to implement tolling under the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) tolling pilot programs. More

Tolling Advocates Aim to Sell Public

Underscoring the public’s overwhelming opposition to tolls as a way to pay for infrastructure projects, a pro-tolling group has issued a report that seeks to boost public opinion of the funding mechanism. More

Tolls: Inefficient and Harm Business, Anti-Tolling Coalition Says

Tolling existing interstates would increase costs for consumer goods while diminishing the amount of money collected for infrastructure projects, Rex Davis, president of Melivn L. Davis Oil said during a recent radio interview. More

Anti-Tolling Coalition Says Tolls Harm Business

Tolling existing interstates would raise costs for travelers, businesses and consumers, while reversing the progress made through unrestricted commerce and travel on the Interstate Highway System, the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates (ATFI) said March 12. More

Anti-Tolling Coalition Criticizes Wisconsin Tolling Plans

The Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates, of which NATSO is a founding member, urged Wisconsin lawmakers to abandon the idea of tolls to pay for transportation infrastructure. More

Join the Fight Against Tolls

NATSO is urging its members to join the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates (ATFI), a broad-based coalition of individuals, businesses and organizations opposed to tolling existing interstates. More

Tolling Coalition Urges Truck Drivers to Fight Tolls

The Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates (AFTI), of which NATSO is a member, urged truck drivers to get involved in the fight to keep existing interstates toll free in a recent article published in The Trucker. More

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