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GE Launches New CNG Fueling System

GE and Peake Fuel Solutions last week announced that they have launched an onsite fueling solution known as CNG In a Box that allows easier adoption of compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling options for large and small retailers. More

California Marketers Face Gasoline Shortages

Fuel marketers in California are facing gasoline supply shortages that have driven wholesale spot gas prices to record highs. More

Ford and GM Approve E-15 Use in Later Model Cars and Trucks

Ford Motor Co. and General Motors last week announced that they have approved E-15 for use in 2013 model cars and light trucks. More

Oil Prices Hit $100 a Barrel

Crude oil prices hit more the highest price per barrel since May 4 last week. More

Wright Express to Buy Fleet One

Wright Express Corp. has agreed to acquire fueling company Fleet One. More

DEF Sales on the Rise; Operators Respond in Numerous Ways

With DEF sales on the rise, operators are responding in numerous ways. More

States Declare States of Emergency Due to Isaac; Price Gouging Laws, HOS Waivers in Effect

In anticipation of Hurricane Isaac, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi declared states of emergency. More

Refineries Shut Down In Preparation for Hurricane Isaac

U.S. Gulf Coast refiners have started closing facilities in anticipation of the storm. More

BP Recalls 2 Million Gallons of Gasoline

BP has recalled more than 2 million gallons of gasoline in the Midwest. More

EPA Issues Long-Awaited Guidance To Ease Way for Removal of Stage II

EPA issued long-awaited guidance that paves the way for removal of stage II nozzles and equipment from gasoline dispensers nationwide. More

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