Topics: Reid Vapor Pressure (RVP)

EPA Issues Final Rule Streamlining, Consolidating Existing Gas and Diesel Fuel Programs

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a rule that would streamline and consolidate a number of fuel regulations. While much of the final rule is only marginally relevant in practice, the regulation fundamentally alters the RFG /RVP regulatory regime. More

Three Victories for NATSO Members at NCWM

The National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) held its Annual Meeting in Denver, Colo., during the week of July 25, 2016. NATSO testified at the Conference, which considered several important issues for travel plaza and truckstop operators. On all three topics on which NATSO advocated, the Conference adopted favorable positions during the critical "voting session" on the final day of the Annual Meeting. More

CARB Waives RVP Limit Amid Gasoline Shortages

California Air Resources Board has temporarily waived California's Reid Vapor Pressure limit to 9 pounds per square inch (psi), up from 7 psi. More

EPA Temporarily Waives Summer Fuel Requirements For States Hit by Hurricane

EPA last week temporarily waived RVP requirements in eight states to prevent gasoline shortages after fuel supplies from refineries in the Gulf area were disrupted by Hurricane Isaac. More

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