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Lawmakers Question White House Transportation Funding Target, But Say Transportation is Primary Focus

Although some lawmakers have questioned the financial goals set by the White House for the next highway bill, they acknowledge that transportation funding needs to be a primary focus. More

Critics: Obama's "Fix It First" Is Uninspired

Critics of President Obama's "Fix It First" plan, to inject $40 billion into critically failing infrastructure, call it a "band-aid" approach that misses opportunities generate economic growth, jobs and create a legacy for future generations. More

Obama Addresses Infrastructure, Energy and Minimum Wage in the State of the Union

In his State of the Union address, President Obama touched on several issues important to truckstop and travel plaza operators, including highway funding, alternative fuels and the minimum wage. More

Federal, State Lawmakers Eye Increases to Gas Tax

Lawmakers at both the federal and state level are saying they will consider raising fuel taxes to fund much needed highway infrastructure projects More

Where President Obama and Gov. Romney Stand on Infrastructure

Democrats and Republicans remain divided over how to pay for transportation projects. More

Electric Car Sales Slow to Take Off

Car buyers remain slow to embrace electric vehicles. More

Oil Prices Hit $100 a Barrel

Crude oil prices hit more the highest price per barrel since May 4 last week. More

White House Releases Unspent Transportation Funds

The Obama administration announces a new "Use It or Lose It" program. More

President Calls for Tougher Penalties on Oil Speculation

President Obama last week urged Congress to toughen penalties for manipulation of oil markets and called for stricter government oversight of energy markets. More

President Signals Support for Transportation Reauthorization

Speaking broadly on Jan. 25 about his agenda, President Obama said in the next few weeks he planned to sign an executive order that would clear away the "red tape" that slows down construction projects because "so much of America needs to be rebuilt." More

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