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Autonomous technologies are advancing rapidly, and traditional equipment manufacturers as well as new players entering the market are working to bring new capabilities to equipment that could improve safety and productivity. More

NATSO, Biodiesel Supply Chain Urge Tax-Writing Committees to Extend, Phase Out Biodiesel Tax Credit

NATSO and a diverse group of biodiesel producers, fuel retailers and trucking interests representing every segment of the biodiesel supply chain sent a letter the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee on Oct. 31 in support of extending and phasing out the biodiesel blenders’ tax credit, and outlining their opposition to efforts to shift the credit to a producers’ credit as the tax-writing committees consider tax reform legislation. More

Federal Court Halts Implementation of EPA Trailer Regulation

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The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Oct. 27 halted implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) first ever regulation for truck trailers. More

Commerce Announces Preliminary Dumping Determination on Biodiesel Imports from Argentina and Indonesia

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The U.S. Department of Commerce Oct. 23 announced a preliminary determination regarding biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia, finding biodiesel is being dumped into the United States at below fair-market value. As a result, biodiesel importers will be required to pay cash deposits to the U.S. government on biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia at a rate equal to the dumping margins. More

EPA Administrator Reassures Midwest Senators on Agency Steps on the Renewable Fuel Standard / Regulatory

Responding to pushback from a number of Midwestern Senators, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt outlined a number of steps the agency intends to take on the Renewable Fuel Standard. Pruitt detailed the changes, which will be beneficial to NATSO members, in an Oct. 19 letter addressed to seven Senators, including Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst and Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer among others. More

NATSO Files Comments With EPA on Renewable Fuel Mandates

NATSO on Oct. 19 filed comments with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in response to the agency's request for input on reducing renewable fuel mandates. Specifically, EPA has suggested that it is considering reducing annual renewable volume obligations (RVOs) by tying them to domestic renewable fuel production capacity, rather than the market's ability to consume renewable fuel. NATSO, in its comments, told EPA that this policy shift would undercut the purpose of the RFS and ultimately lead to higher fuel prices for consumers. More

One Year Remains to Meet Final UST Regulation Deadline

Truckstops and travel plazas with underground storage tanks are reminded that they officially have just one year left — until Oct. 13, 2018 — to meet the final requirements established in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Final Rule revising underground storage tank regulations. More

EPA Considering Further Lowering Renewable Volume Mandates

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Sept. 26 announced that it was seeking public comment on a new approach to establishing renewable fuel mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS): Only considering domestic production capacity. If EPA ultimately adopts this new approach, it will substantially lower retailers' incentives to incorporate renewable fuels into their fuel supply. NATSO opposes this policy shift, and in comments it will file with the Agency will urge EPA to recognize that there is a global market for renewable fuels, such as biodiesel, and that the RFS should accommodate fuels regardless of where they are produced. More

Hurricane Update: Irma Downgraded But Continues to Impact Fuels Market

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Hurricane Irma has now been downgraded to a tropical storm, though it is still battering Florida and Georgia, sending residual effects to states up the coast and in the south and mid-west. In Florida, about 65 percent of gas stations are reported to be out of gas, though prices have begun falling as the hurricane begins to wane. In the oil market, prices have fluctuated as the storm hit over the weekend. MarketWatch reports that the market has started to recover, though demand remains low and some refineries on the Gulf Coast are still closed. More

Biodiesel, Food Service Innovations On Display At NATSO Tour

This summer, the NATSO Foundation brought truck stop operators from across the country to Illinois to learn how biodiesel can help their businesses and to see the latest food service innovations during NATSO's Food and Fuel Study Tour. Along with sponsoring the event, REG hosted attendees at our biorefinery in Seneca, Illinois. They toured the facility and learned about biodiesel production, the financial and performance benefits of biodiesel and blending systems. Then they were off to two travel centers to see firsthand how the locations had successfully incorporated biodiesel blends into their fuel lineups. If you couldn’t attend, don’t worry. You can watch the highlights in our video of the tour. More