Louisiana Legislature Drives EV Charging Policy Forward


Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards recently signed SB 460, directing the Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) to create an electric vehicle (EV) charging rate structure that promotes market competition.

Sponsored by Sen. Rick Ward (R- Baton Rouge), SB 460 specifically directs the LPSC to consider ways to encourage transparent pricing and more stable electricity costs with regard to electric vehicle charging, among other things. Additionally, SB 460 urges the LPSC to allow businesses to charge for reselling electricity without being regulated as a utility.

SB 460 passed in the Louisiana House by a vote of 93-0 and the Senate by a vote of 36-1, sending a decisive message to LPSC to establish a consistent rate for the resale of electricity for EV charging to promote rapid development of a statewide electric vehicle charging network.

The retail fueling industry has long advocated for many of the guardrails that are considered in SB 460 so that policymakers can create a market structure that allows fuel retailers to earn a profit by investing in EV charging stations.

The Charge Ahead Partnership, of which NATSO is a member, endorsed SB460 and issued a public statement praising the measure for promoting the transparent pricing structures and stable electricity costs that mark the first steps to establishing an economic environment where free market competition can thrive with many EV charging providers.

CAP is a national coalition dedicated to advancing commonsense, market-based policies that will accelerate the development of the nation’s EV charging network. NATSO members are encouraged to join the Charge Ahead Partnership here.


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