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NATSO Check-Link Driver 101: Checks Are Safe

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Marketing & Retail


During The NATSO Show, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Red Eye Radio about one of my favorite subjects: NATSO Check-Link.  

You can listen to the entire interview here.

This week on NATSO’s blog I’m sharing on the three topics discussed. (See NATSO Check-Link Driver 101: Why Write Checks? here and NATSO Check-Link Driver 101: Where Drivers Write Checks here.)

As my final Check-Link Driver 101 blog post, let’s discuss the safety aspect of Check-Link. Why would it be safer to write a check than use a credit card?

  • Many people may not realize it, but checks are the safest form of payment after cash today.

  • Merchants across the United States lose nearly $190 billion a year to credit card fraud.

  • Thieves have become increasingly sophisticated in gaining access to sensitive financial information.  Databases of major retailers and restaurants have been compromised by hackers.  Thieves have figured out how to replace merchant card reading devices with card skimmers.  Restaurant employees have secretly captured card information on hand-held card readers.

  • Check fraud is declining however. Banks and retailers have radically improved the processing around checks. They have implemented strong image analysis, they’ve improved their abilities to determine counterfeits and forgeries, and there are image exchange networks now that have sped up the processing windows. It’s much easier now and faster to identify check fraud than ever before.  

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/// NATSO’s Check-Link™ check verification service is not only one of our most comprehensive member services, but also one of our most beneficial for cost savings and marketing to your driver customers. If you are an active member of NATSO who is interested in signing up for NATSO Check-Link™, please contact me at or (703) 739-8573.

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Kimberly Roberts

Kimberly Roberts

Roberts provides customer service and support to travel plaza and Check-Link™ customers.  Also provides support to the NATSO staff.