NATSO, Fuel Retailers Urge Senator Carper to Support Year-Round E15


NATSO and its industry allies on February 13 urged Senator Carper of Delaware to back year-round sales of E15.

In a letter sent to Sen. Carper, NATSO said E15 allows for more environmentally friendly fuel to be sold at a lower cost to consumers and that Senator Carper represents the primary roadblock to the sale of fuel containing higher ethanol blends.  

“Allowing the year-round sale of E15 would signal to the market that long-term investments in lower carbon transportation energy – including biofuels and EV charging stations – will be rewarded rather than punished,” NATSO, NACS and SIGMA said in the letter.

Year-round sales of E15 also would help to avoid unnecessary disruption, complexity, and price-increases in U.S. gasoline markets this coming summer.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, David Fialkov, Executive Vice President of Government Affairs for NATSO said, blue collar union workers at mid-Atlantic oil refineries have known no greater champion than Senator Carper. But the companies that employ those workers are seeking to conflate Senator Carper’s longstanding sensitivities to labor interests with fundamental matters of climate policy.

“Senator Carper has insisted for years that any legislation allowing year-round E15 include poison-pill provisions that would gut policies aimed at addressing climate change,” Fialkov said. “It is getting increasingly challenging to reconcile Senator Carper’s legacy championing climate causes with his office’s continued opposition to legislation allowing E15 to be sold year-round. This is all the more true given how much of a political problem this creates for President Biden as we enter the summer driving season in just a few months.” 



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