NATSO, Clean Freight Coalition Unveil New Report Detailing $1 Trillion Cost to Electrify Commercial Fleet

NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings joined members of the Clean Freight Coalition in unveiling a new report from Roland Berger that pegs the cost of electrifying the commercial truck fleet at $1 trillion.

The Clean Freight Coalition, of which NATSO is a member, unveiled a new report March 19 that pegs the cost of electrifying the commercial truck fleet at $1 trillion.

A study conducted by Roland Berger for the CFC found that preparing today's commercial vehicle fleet for electrification would require the commercial vehicle industry to invest upwards of $620 billion in charging infrastructure alone, including chargers, site infrastructure and electric service upgrades. Utilities would need to invest $370 billion to upgrade their grid networks to meet the demands of just commercial vehicles.

NATSO President and CEO Lisa Mullings joined ATA President Chris Spear, ATD President Laura Perrotta, and Jim Mullen, Executive Director of the CFC in a press conference to unveil the report.

In her opening statement, Mullings said electric vehicle charging is “a key part of our industry’s future, and more of our customers will demand electricity as a fuel in the coming years. However, EPA hasn’t adequately considered the challenges we face in transitioning to heavy-duty truck electrification.” 

“We are working with federal and state policy makers to advance the business case for electricity,” Mullings said. “And we are confident that we will. We want to be responsible and pragmatic when discussing how long it will take, how disruptive it will be, and what we can be doing in the meantime to lower transportation emissions.” 

Mullings underscored the need for fuel retailers to be able to profitably invest in EV charging stations. She also said it is critical that regulators do not neglect policies that are lowering transportation emissions today. “As we prepare for widespread adoption of electricity and hydrogen, we can’t neglect efforts that are reducing carbon intensity today.”  

EPA is expected soon to release its Final Greenhouse Gas Phase 3 Rule for Heavy-Duty Trucks. NATSO has called for a market-oriented, technology-neutral approach to transportation decarbonization. 

To read a one-page summary of the report, click here. A fuller summary of Roland Berger's work can be found here.

Clean Freight Coalition Press Release Announcing the Roland Berger Report.

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