Jeff Hove

Jeff Hove has designed RIN management systems for blenders since 2007. He also has working knowledge of fuel quality requirements and infrastructure demands. He focuses on each client’s specific needs and finds solutions that best fit their business.

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Managing Renewable Fuel in an Evolving Atmosphere

Managing Renewable Fuel in an Evolving Atmosphere

While the IRS Biodiesel Blender’s Tax Credit is a national issue, there are some issues that are more state specific. More

Considerations for California Fuel Retailers Who Wish to Take Advantage of Biodiesel Benefits

In April, I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar to the California Fuels & Convenience Alliance webinar on Best Practices for Your Biodiesel. More biodiesel production is being pushed into California due to favorable State policies and incentives. The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) have added to the economic incentives for investing in biodiesel. Here are a few of the important factors I shared with listeners: Where to Start For those considering biodiesel, I suggest you review your supply options, particularly those that are nearby, and determine how far they are from a terminal or rail as well as how much space they have to store product and any infrastructure they need. You want to calculate what this is going to do for your margins and these are estimates. Next, operators must obtain an IRS 637M blender’s license and become registered under U.S.EPA Renewable Fuel Standard as a RIN Owner. Alt Fuels staff are assisting clients with these preliminary steps daily... More

Tips for Preparing to Store, Blend and Distribute Biofuels at Your Truckstop

There is a long process a gallon of fuel goes through before it flows through the nozzle at the pump, and it is crucial that fuel remains on spec. That holds true for those investing in biofuels as biodiesel has to be on spec before it gets into ultra-low sulfur diesel to get a renewable identification number [learn more about renewable fuels and RINs here]. During NATSO Connect, the Alternative Fuels Council offered a Renewable Fuels Workshop. During the workshop, Paul Nazzaro, president of Advanced Fuel Solutions, also discussed biodiesel and shared his tips to help operators ensure fuel quality. When determining whether or not to carry biofuels, operators should conduct a market analysis, assess mandates and incentive, Nazzaro said. He noted that demand dictates the size of the tank and required handling equipment. “Success will ultimately be determined by price, supply and product positioning,” he told attendees. More