Building the Travel Center of the Future…Today!

Added on: February 28, 2024


Polly Flinn, founder and principal of Flinnstone Strategies, is an industry expert in creating customer-focused, convenience formats that make their numbers. Travel centers have the opportunity to increase share by creating a compelling and consistent brand experience to grow traffic, loyalty, sales, and profit. For this new keynote, Flinn will share new insights into the future of travel center retail, offering her expertise on customer segments, brand experience, and retail offers.

Most recently serving as Executive Vice President and President for the GetGo Cafe+Market banner in the supermarket chain Giant Eagle, Flinn has brought innovation and success to companies such as BP, Walmart, Castrol, Arco ampm and Giant Eagle/GetGo. Flinn is an innovator and a doer.  For years, she held c-suite roles at these retailers while focusing on building new concepts, rebranding, delivering strategic solutions to help them grow while challenging the status quo.

In other words, when it comes to travel centers that stand out, excel operationally, and are customer-focused, Flinn knows her stuff. Wish you could hire to Flinn revamp your business model? Attendees of NATSO Connect will hear from Flinn on the following topics:

  • How customer segments are evolving and what their needs will be in 2030.
  • Who is winning and who is losing – how travel center brands can become more of a destination beyond their real estate position.
  • What can we learn from others, and who is challenging the status quo to win customer share in retail outside of the travel centers sector.
  • What you should consider to challenge the status quo in your offer.