NATSO Connect Opening Keynote – A New Era for Fuel Retailers

Added on: February 28, 2024


A rapidly evolving refueling landscape coupled with technological advancements and changing customer habits presents fuel retailers with an opportunity to reimagine their operations and usher in a new era.  

A report from the Boston Consulting Group found that the industry’s abundance of assets, including established networks, real estate, transaction volume, data as well as customer touch points and loyalty programs, is affording travel centers a crucial gateway to diversification. 

Whether it’s growing non-fuel revenues or pursuing sustainability objectives, these developments point to the need for fuel retailers to reorient themselves: “toward alternatives and away from the vehicle and toward the customer,” Boston Consulting Group said in its latest report on the travel center industry.   

After a warm NATSO Connect welcome from Joe Zietlow, NATSO’s 2024 Chairman of the Board, and Lisa Mullings, NATSO’s President and CEO, Tony Portera, managing director and partner with Boston Consulting Group, will share Boston Consulting Groups’ guidance on how fuel retailers should transform their businesses given these disruptions.