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The Advantage of Your NATSO Membership

The common thread I see when I look at a successful travel plaza and truckstop owner operator is their understanding and knowledge of this industry and what role they play in it. They are constantly looking for new, innovative ideas to help their business succeed. They are acutely aware of what drives their business, who their customers are and they are fully engaged and active NATSO members.

What does it mean for you to be active and engaged? One answer would be that you are using the member benefits to your advantage and by doing so, are increasing the value of your membership.

One of NATSO’s goals is to make sure you are aware of this great value! Simply put, the benefits are designed to deliver solutions to your challenges that increase your retail sales and reduce your costs. Engaged members that use these benefits are reaping the rewards every day. These are just a few of the benefits you could be taking advantage of right now:

  1. NATSO First Data Discounted Credit Card Processing: As a NATSO member, you could be saving tens of thousands of dollars every year simply by signing up. The feedback from our members overwhelmingly shows that this program is worth the cost of the entire membership fee alone. Learn more about NATSO's discounted payment card merchant processing program.

  2. Have you looked at NATSO's Profitable Retailing Program?: NATSO’s Vice President of Membership, Darren Schulte, who has more than 25 years of experience in operations and merchandising, will visit your location and do a top to bottom assessment that is designed to help you increase your revenue, reduce costs and bring customers in the door. We can provide multiple references that can give you insight into other members’ Profitable Retail Program experience. The cost of this program for members is $1,500. An outside consultant would charge you considerably more, so why not let NATSO help?

  3. Don’t forget NATSO Check-LinkTM! Check-LinkTM is a members-only program that helps protect your investment by providing a check approval process for thousands of professional drivers for a flat rate of $30 per month. The Check-LinkTM program reduces your risk of accepting returned checks—resulting in saving hundreds of dollars in bank return check fees. NATSO will also assist in the collection of returned checks at no additional charge. Check-Link has over 4,000 drivers at any given time utilizing the system. Learn more about the Check-LinkTM program.

  4. We have a new electronic Truckstop and Travel Plaza Training Manual: The manual is designed to help you create your own store and company-specific operations training manual and includes such items as: Detailed job descriptions for key positions of manager, cashier and merchandiser, a sample cash audit form, information on how and where to find good job candidates, and a sample end of the day checklist. NATSO members can receive the manual at a low cost of $175. Purchase your Truckstop and Travel Plaza Training Manual today!

If you would like more detailed information about your member benefits, please contact me by phone at (703) 739-8573 or by email at Not a member? Download the NATSO truckstop and travel plaza membership application.

Photo Credit:Amy Toner/NATSO, Kimberly Roberts and Darren Schulte in front of the NATSO booth at the recent DAS Travel Center Show & Sale.

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About the Author

Kimberly Roberts

Kimberly Roberts

Roberts provides customer service and support to travel plaza and Check-Link™ customers.  Also provides support to the NATSO staff.