NATSO wants you to make the most of your membership. Take advantage of the programs and resources that can help you streamline your operations, save money and better meet your customers’ needs.


Advocacy Solutions:
NATSO fights:

  • For sustainable funding for roads.
  • Against tolling existing Interstates.
  • Against commercializing rest areas.
  • For smart regulations on fuels issues.

Human Resources Solutions:  

  • NATSO’s Operations Training Manual (free for new members).
  • Webinars, articles and blog posts geared towards truckstops.
  • NATSO’s Truckstop and Travel Plaza New Hire Orientation and Training Guidebook (free for new members).
  • Access to NATSO’s HR ShareGroup.

Payment Processing Solutions:

  • Reduced credit card processing rates through FirstData.
  • Access to NATSO Check-LinkTM, a check verification program to cut the risk and associated costs of bad checks.

Vendor Solutions:

  • A buyer’s guide of vendors that are commitmented to the industry.
  • Time to meet with more than 80 vendors during NATSO Connect.

Truckstop Business Building Solutions:

  • Information and compliance guidance on biodiesel, CNG, electric and other alternative fuels through NATSO’s Alternative Fuels Council.
  • The NATSO Connect annual trade show, which is a time for travel plaza operators to share proven “Great Ideas” that have worked at real truckstops.
  • Study tours where best-in-class retailers show visitors exactly how their truckstop is solving everyday problems.
  • Truckstop Profit Toolbox, a custom assessment of your truckstop including actionable ideas to improve revenue and tactical ways to improve your net operating costs. 

Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • Biz Brief, a daily e-newsletter full of business trends relevant to travel plazas.
  • Special alerts on industry regulations.
  • Stop Watch magazine full of in-depth articles.
  • Fall Leadership Meeting where top travel plaza executives brainstorm responses to trends that are changing the industry.