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NATSO's Domestic Study Tour Visits Fairfield BP

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Leadership & Strategy

September 14 - 15, 2016 the NATSO Foundation is taking truckstop operators to Lexington, Va. to tour best-in-class truckstops during NATSO's Domestic Study Tour.

Study Tour attendees will tour Fairfield BP in Fairfield, Virginia along with White's Travel Center and Lee Hi Travel Plaza.

Since Bobby Berkstresser bought the location, the c-store's inside store sales have increased over 100% and fuel sales are up 30%.


The c-store has been remodeled and reset including:

  • Doubling the number of cooler doors;
  • Remodeling the restrooms;
  • Installing a new computer system;
  • Redoing the gas island;
  • Upgrading to LED lighting in the canopy and lot; and
  • Building a covered pavilion.

It has brand new:

  • Gondolas;
  • Computer system;
  • Counters;
  • Signage; and
  • Landscaping.



It has a McDonalds that is leased and is branded BP.


See more photos of Fairfield BP on NATSO's Facebook page. 

Don't miss the chance to hear about what makes Fairfield BP so successful in person. The attendee registration fee for the Domestic Study Tour is $700 for members and $1,000 for non-members. Click here to learn more and register for NATSO's Domestic Study Tour 2016


Photos Credit: Fairfield BP

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