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Four Ways to Be a Truckstop Leader

Posted in: Truckstop Business, Leadership & Strategy

Leaders inspire those around them to contribute and to become better versions of themselves, but becoming a strong leader can take work. During the November Operational Exchange call, NATSO members came together to discuss the qualities leaders embody. Here are four key ideas operators shared during the call. 

Have a firm idea of the things that don’t change. Knowing the company’s mission and its core attributes is important for a leader. Leaders need to understand the big picture of what the business is trying to achieve. They also recognize the value and unique offerings the company brings to the table and use that information to make a decision in the moment.

Determine what you want your personal impact to be. One NATSO member shared that as a leader, it is important to determine what you want your impact to be. That way, when things are stressful and there is change you know how you should act and you’re not trying to invent that in the moment. By determining and sharing your leadership philosophy with employees, they know what they can expect from you and what you expect in return.

Share a vision with employees. Leaders work to help employees understand the company’s vision and to offer feedback to workers.One operator said, “It is up to me to notice not just the negative things but the good things as well. That is where the leadership role comes in. There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle but that is what makes it all work.” 

Help employees achieve their goals. Leaders know employees have certain needs as well. One operator said that she starts the process of getting to know employees in the interview. “When they come to interview, ask them what their goals are and if you can help them meet their goals,” she said, adding that there are times when she has had to tell potential employees she doesn’t think the location is the right fit.


Operators share ideas monthly during NATSO’s Operational Exchange. The last call of the year next call will take place on December 10
 when oeprators come together to discuss their best and worst ideas from 2015. Register today at

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