What successful new service have you added in the past year?

What successful new service have you added in the past year?

“When I bought the Ports To Plains Travel Plaza, they were leasing a scale from a local mom- and-pop company. Because it broke down a lot, I decided to explore my options for replacing the scale. I decided to install a CAT Scale. In the four months since it opened, my scale business has tripled. Drivers know the scale is dependable and CAT Scale does a good job supporting it.”

— Jim Miller

Ports To Plains Travel Plaza

“Mitten Truck Stop is getting ready to install a 10,000-gallon DEF tank on our fuel island. We are making this move for three reasons. First, we want to meet the increasing demand for DEF. We are currently selling a pallet a week of DEF jugs and expect the demand for DEF to continue to grow. Second, we hope the DEF tank will eliminate the problem of empty jugs littering our parking lot. The third and most important reason is we want to continue to be very aggressive in expanding our offerings, so we meet the needs of our customers early.”

—Matt Mildenberger

Mitten Truck Stop

“We had the foresight to renovate our facility. With the renovation, we put in drivers showers, which is a service we did not previously have at our location. We are very particular about the condition of our new shower rooms, to the point that most customers come back again and again for them. The renovated facility has served as a magnet for new business, impacting our overall operation immensely. We are finding that many people now intentionally drive to us and we see new faces after 30 years of being in business in the same location. We are really having a great time with it.”

— Bob Wollenman

Deluxe Truck Stop


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