Credit/Debit Fees

Every time a consumer swipes a credit card, credit card issuers charge a fee, commonly known as an interchange fee or swipe fee. Those fees raise prices for all consumers and are putting tremendous financial pressure on retail store owners across the country, including truckstops and travel plazas. In fact, interchange fees are likely the biggest credit card fee most consumers have never heard of, yet American consumers paid more than $48 billion in credit card interchange fees in 2009 alone. In the United States, these fees are approximately 2 percent of the total cost of the transaction, often more than the profit margin on a gallon of fuel sold. 

Credit Card Settlement - Important Considerations for NATSO Members: NATSO has developed an online memo and other documents to provide NATSO members with information on their options for responding to the "Notice of Class Action Settlement" regarding the proposed settlement in the class action litigation In Re Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation (MDL 1720). Review the information here. 

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