NATSO CheckLink

What is NATSO Check-Link? NATSO Check-Link is a unique check verification program available exclusively to NATSO truckstop members and professional drivers.

NATSO Check-Link for Professional Drivers
Professional drivers can cash checks quickly and easily by becoming a part of NATSO's Check-Link. Check-Link drivers are listed for one year in the NATSO Check-Link database. Get more information on NATSO Check-Link here or email to sign-up for Check-Link now! 

NATSO Check-Link for Truckstops and Travel Plazas

Check-Link allows participating truckstops nationwide to accept checks from previously approved professional drivers. More than 1,150 truckstop locations are already participating in the NATSO Check-Link network. Learn more about Check-Link here. 

NATSO Check-Link Truckstop Directory

All NATSO member locations are listed in NATSO's online Truckstop Directory. Professional drivers can use the directory to find the locations throughout the U.S. that participate in the Check-Link program. Click here to access the Truckstop Directory.


For more information regarding the NATSO Check-Link service, contact NATSO's 24/7 hotline at (800) 956-9160 or email