About the NATSO Foundation

The NATSO Foundation is the research, education and public outreach subsidiary of NATSO, Inc. The foundation is responsible for:

Providing Education and Research for the Truckstop and Travel Plaza Industry
The NATSO Foundation provides programs and products aimed at strengthening travel plazas’ ability to meet the needs of the traveling public through improved operational performance and business planning including:

Truckstop and Travel Plaza Training Manual
Training is an essential element in the success of any operation. To help truckstop operators, the NATSO Foundation offers an electronic Truckstop and Travel Plaza Training Manual. The manual is designed to help operators create their own store- and company-specific operations training manual. Learn more about the NATSO Foundation's Truckstop and Travel Plaza Training Manual.

Stop Watch Magazine
Produced by The NATSO Foundation, Stop Watch magazine delivers in-depth content to assist NATSO members in improving their travel plaza business operations and provides context on trends and news affecting the industry.

How Truckstops Help People Training Tool
Truckstop owners, operators and employees often find themselves in a position to help people with more than just their basic needs of food, fuel and rest. “How Truckstops Help People” is an online training tool designed to help teach members of the truckstop and travel plaza industry how to respond to requests for help from people in need of assistance in various scenarios.

Speakers at The NATSO Show
The speakers provided by the NATSO Foundation at The NATSO Show are chosen for their ability to assist travel plaza and truckstop owners and management in achieving excellence for their industry, customers, communities and society.

McLane/NATSO Foundation Travel Center Index
McLane/NATSO Foundation Travel Center Index is published quarterly to allow operators to benchmark sales figures against peers in 18 product categories. The first report was unveiled at The NATSO Show 2011.

Biz Brief
Biz Brie provides daily business intelligence for the truckstop and travel plaza community of owners and operators. Delivered daily via email, it contains a carefully curated set of articles on topics such as leadership, freight logistics and economic indicators. Sign up to receive the NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief.

NATSO and the NATSO Foundation's website is the daily must-visit sourceof news, education, data and analysis for truckstop and travel plaza owners.

Bill Moon Scholarship
Industry scholarships are awarded every year under the Bill Moon Scholarship Program to deserving travel plaza employees and their dependents. A travel plaza/truckstop industry employee or the legal dependent of an employee are eligible. More information on the Bill Moon Scholarship Program is available here. Apply here.

Over the years, the NATSO Foundation has tackled an ambitious roster of research. Studies completed in the past include:

Providing Safety Initiatives for the Truckstop and Travel Plaza Industry
The NATSO Foundation provides the industry with safety initiatives including:

Amber Alerts
The NATSO Foundation has partnered with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) to offer Amber Alerts reflecting the industry’s commitment to a safe environment for employees and customers. NCMEC and the NATSO Foundation have worked together to produce a list of frequently asked questions on the AMBERT Alert Program from truckstop operators that will help them better support the program. 

High-Risk Child Poster Listserv
NCMEC has developed a High-Risk Child Poster Listserv designed to increase the visibility of missing children at high risk for sex trafficking. Through the listserv, businesses uniquely positioned to help identify missing children considered to be at high risk for sex trafficking can register to receive electronic posters containing their images and other vital information. Truckstop owners and operators can then share these posters with staff or hang them in a location visible to customers. The NATSO Foundation partnered with NCMEC to make the registration form to receive posters available on our website. Learn more here

Truckstop Superhero
The travel plaza and truckstop industry serves as the concierge of the highway, providing safe, thoughtful and courteous hospitality to both truck drivers and four-wheel traffic. This hospitality frequently results in truckstop and travel plaza employees performing exceptional acts of kindness or courtesy. However, their heroic acts are seldom shared outside of their location. Learn more about the NATSO Foundation's Truckstop Superhero program.

Disaster Relief Fund
The NATSO Foundation provides a fund designed to support people in need during an emergency—people within our very own travel plaza and truckstop community. Established by the NATSO Foundation Board of Directors, this fund goes directly to those victimized by disasters such as Superstorm Sandy. Learn more about the NATSO Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund.

History of the NATSO Foundation

The genesis for the organization was a contribution from the Mason-Dixon Truck Stop Operators in January 1989 to be used for an industry scholarship program, and the foundation (originally chartered as the American Truck Stop Foundation) began operation in 1990.

The foundation started Operation Roadblock in 1990, a major initiative dedicated to creating drug-free highways through an assortment of coordinated efforts. A toll-free helpline was established and educational materials and videos were distributed in an effort to foster drug free work places throughout the industry. During its four years, Operation Roadblock succeeded in heightening awareness of substance abuse problems in the minds of professional drivers, travel plaza operators and their employees.

The NATSO Foundation awarded its first scholarships through its Bill Moon Scholarship Program in 1993, created the Drive To Save Lives blood drive program in 1994, published its first research study, Factors Affecting the Travel Plaza Industry through 2004 in 1995, and established its disaster relief program with the Red Cross in 1996. The disaster relief program was retired in 2006 after ten years of providing fuel to Red Cross vehicles assisting families in distress. Over 60,000 gallons of diesel was donated.

The scholarship and research programs are still going strong to this day, serving as a testament to the commitment and caring that is the backbone of the travel plaza industry.