Colorado Lawmakers Seek to Ban Fuel Retailing by State Government

Colorado Republican State Rep. Robert Ramirez and State Senator Ellen Roberts (R) have co-sponsored a bill in the Colorado General Assembly that would prohibit the state or any state agency from operating a truck stop, fueling station or convenience store on or near public land, including state highways, toll roads or any other infrastructure supported by state revenues. The bill also seeks to prohibit the state or any of its agencies from contracting with private entities to establish such businesses.

If adopted, House Bill 12-1136 effectively would prohibit the state from seeking to generate budget revenues through retail sales on public land. It does not prohibit the state from maintaining existing interstate public rest areas or constructing new interstate public rest areas. The bill also specifies that the prohibition is not retroactive and does not apply to restaurants or service centers related to a golf course or any souvenir ships that are on or near public land.


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