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What You Missed in the Biz Brief This Week: June 26

Posted in: Truckstop Business


In today’s information-overloaded business world, we often find ourselves deluged with literally hundreds of news items from dozens of sources. While it is likely impossible to read every article and remain productive, by not doing so we risk missing the one article that could change a key business practice or thought process. And that is where the NATSO Foundation’s newest publication, Biz Brief, provides assistance! The NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief is a daily collection of the most relevant business intelligence for truckstop and travel plaza operators. 

While we think the Biz Brief is a must-read every day, if you only read ten news articles this week, these ten most-clicked Biz Brief articles are the ten to read. 

  1. U.S. on Pace to Surpass Saudi Arabia
    Net petroleum imports now account for about 40 percent of demand, down from 60 percent in 2005, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the Energy Department research unit. Click here to read more >

  2. Technology to Boost Truck MPG 
    In 1973, the feds estimated that semis got about 5.6 miles per gallon of diesel; today's estimate is 6.5 mpg, although different trucks get fuel economy in a range from 4 to 8. Going up a steep hill, a truck's mileage might drop to about 2.9 mpg, while going down the same hill will raise it to more than 23 mpg. New fuel-economy standards that take effect beginning in 2014 will require semi trucks with a sleeper cab to get 7.2 mpg on level roads. Click here to read more >

  3. Health Care Myths Dispelled 
    With implementation of President Obama's health care legislation on the horizon, there are still many misconceptions about what lies ahead for millions of Americans. Click here to read more >

  4. Koch Explores North Dakota to Illinois Pipeline 
    Koch Pipeline Co. LP may build a 250,000 barrel-per-day North Dakota-to-Illinois pipeline to move Bakken shale oil to markets if enough shippers show interest the company said on Tuesday. 
    Click here to read more >

  5. NATSO Foundation Launches Biz Brief
    Starting today, NATSO members will receive this new daily e-newsletter called Biz Brief. Biz Brief was created to satisfy NATSO members' appetite for business intelligence. As the publication’s editor, Roger Cole will sift through hundreds of news sources daily, select the most relevant and timely news and then editorially distill it into a must-read briefing tailored specifically for truckstop and travel plaza owners and operators. Read more in his Letter from the Editor. Click here to read more >

  6. Boss Shops Opens 41st Shop 
    Bosselman Boss Truck Shops, Inc. has opened a new location in Tucumcari, N.M, on Interstate 40 at Exit 333. Located adjacent to the Flying J Travel Plaza on Mountain Rd., the Tucumcari Boss Shop is the company’s second shop to be built from the ground up and brings a total of 41 Boss Shops in 22 states. Click here to read more >

  7. Miss USA Visits Iowa 80 
    Visitors to Iowa 80 Truck Stop this morning were greeted by Miss USA Nana Meriwether. Ms. Meriwether is in the Quad Cities to promote health and wellness and stopped to tour the "World’s Largest Truck Stop." Click here to read more >

  8. Iowa 80 to Be Part of Great Race 
    Iowa 80 Truckstop has been selected as a fuel stop for the Hemming's Motor News Great Race, a cross country road rally of antique cars. Click here to read more >

  9. Big Changes Coming to Trucking
    Big shifts in the transportation landscape, including new HOS rules going into effect this summer, require trucking fleets to re-think their entire operations, as drivers’ schedules and resulting capacity changes impact their businesses. Click here to read more >

  10. Conversion to Natural Gas Continues 
    LNG, which sells for approximately $2 a gallon (versus $4 for diesel), is fast becoming the fuel of choice for long-distance trucking and, yes, you can thank fracking for that. Click here to read more >

I might be biased, but I think if you aren't receiving Biz Brief, you are missing out! Not a subscriber? Be sure to submit a request to be added to the email list. Already receive it and have feedback for me? Be sure to email me at

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Roger Cole

Roger Cole

Roger Cole serves as edior of the NATSO Foundation's Biz Brief. The Biz Brief is a daily e-newsletter created to provide readers with business intelligence tailored specifically for truckstop and travel plaza owners and operators. Cole shifts through hundreds of news sources daily, selects the most relevant and timely news and then editorially distills it into a must-read briefing.