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Political Change is in the Mail

Posted in: Our Legislative and Regulatory Issues


How can we influence policy? We spend a lot of time and money trying to get attention and support from elected officials. But it turns out that — even in the digital age — the single, most effective way to capture a politician's attention is one of the most old fashioned. A brief, thoughtful letter can have tremendous influence on elected officials, and can open the door to establishing a lasting relationship.

In a six minute video, Omar Ahmad, internet maven and former mayor of a Silicon Valley town, shares tips for writing an effective letter on the issues near and dear to your heart. Put down your laptop and get our your pen. As Omar explains, the best and most effective letters are written by hand.

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About the Author

Holly Alfano

Holly Alfano

Holly Alfano represents the interests of truckstops and travel plazas before Congress and regulatory agencies. She leads NATSO's advocacy efforts on tax and fuel issues. 

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