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NATSO Thanks You

Posted in: Great Ideas

At this time of Thanksgiving, we pause to appreciate our members for whom we are deeply thankful.

"I am thankful that our members can be counted on when we need them for Government Affairs, and that they have so many good relationships on the hill that they work hard at maintaining."
- Holly Alfano, Vice President, Government Affairs
"I am thankful for the many people who work during the year on holidays so everyone that is traveling have a safe, warm and clean place to stop. Thank you for leaving the light on!"
- Pamela Hayes, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
"I am grateful for our members when I'm on the road with my kids. When someone needs a break on a long trip, we find a travel plaza to let the kids get a snack or small toy or sometimes play a video game. Of course, travel plazas are particularly convenient for my kids' "emergency" restroom requests! After my youngest son spilled milk all over the car on a hot August day, we were able to find everything we needed at a truckstop to clean the inside before continuing on our 500-mile trip." 
- Lisa Mullings, President & CEO
"I am grateful for our members' generosity. So often we hear about our members and their staff donating considerable time or money to support people and charities in their communities!
- Christine Schoessler, Chief of Operations
"I am thankful that our members care so much about their small communities and their core customer, the truck driver. It is amazing to witness in person just how much our organization's members work towards participating, encouraging and deeply appreciating these two stalwarts of America."
- Darren Schulte, Vice President, Membership
"I'm thankful that so many of our members take time out of their already busy days to contribute to Stop Watch magazine, The NATSO Show magazine and here on the blog. We wouldn't be able to deliver this content without their invaluable help."
- Amy Toner, Senior Director, Marketing and Design

The entire NATSO team extends its best wishes to you and yours for a happy Thanksgiving!

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Amy Toner

Amy Toner

Toner markets NATSO products, services and meetings. She is the content editor of NATSO's core websites, Stop Watch magazine and Highway Business Matters biweekly articles. In addition, she provides creative services across all departments. Toner joined NATSO in 2006. Prior to joining the association, she served as director of membership services at an association for ambulatory surgery centers. Toner lives in Washington, D.C., with her husband and son.

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