Virginia Pilot Urges Elected Officials to Increase Federal Fuel Tax

If Congress and the President are serious about repairing the nation's deteriorating infrastructure and laying a foundation for long-term growth, they need to raise the federal gas tax, the Virginia Pilot Editorial Board recently wrote.

In an editorial published April 29 titled, “Fix Roads by Raising Federal Gas Tax,” the Virginia Pilot criticized elected officials for “overlooking the obvious solution” to fixing the Highway Trust Fund.

Federal lawmakers haven’t increased the federal gas tax since 1993, when it was set at 18.4 cents per gallon.

“Today, that levy has lost nearly two-thirds of its value because of inflation and the soaring costs of materials and construction,” the Editorial Board wrote. “Raising it remains the most responsible, cost-efficient way to fund a system that improves quality of life, enables economic activity and connects communities.”

The Editorial Board condemned the President’s transportation proposal that calls for allowing states to impose tolls on existing highways, calling it “a short-sighted strategy that would be disastrous in its effects on local and regional economies.”  


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