Guthrie Travel Center Grabs Customers with Graphics

Guthrie Travel Center in Guthrie, Oklahoma, is a modern location with compelling signage that draws people inside and helps them find their way around the store.

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GuthrieTravel Center-OutsideofBldgJI.jpg

Guthrie Travel Center in Guthrie, Oklahoma, is a modern location with compelling signage that draws people inside and helps them find their way around the store.

The location is laid out in a traditional travel center format, with food, gifts, grocery, truck supply, etc. all departmentalized. The gift and novelty positioning directly to the right upon entry into the building is focused on women and children as customers enter from the gasoline pumps. The traffic patterns on both the inside and outside flow well.

GuthrieTravel Center-NoveltiesJI.jpg

One of the things I really like about this location are the graphics. If you look over the location from left to right—from the cooler to the coffee area—they’ve done a nice job highlighting their offerings with signage.

GuthrieTravel Center-Store&CooolerswithSignageJI.jpg

Their graphics over the cooler area include placards, which can be removed if they ever decide to move the cooler around.

GuthrieTravel Center-CoffeeAreaJI.jpg

They have a successful coffee program, and their coffee and beverage sets are one of their better performing areas.

The outside of the location is incredibly inviting. It has a very clean and fresh look. They’ve also installed LED lights around the windows, which makes the location very welcoming at night. It almost looks like a movie theater.

GuthrieTravel Center-IceChest-BeerSigns-LEDLightsJI.jpg

Guthrie Travel Center, which is a Roady’s location, has an interesting set of business. There is a robust amount of car customers, a drive through that attracts customers who never go into the store physically and a travel center that pulls in professional drivers. 

GuthrieTravel Center-GoldenChickJI.jpg

The location features Golden Chick chicken, and many customers come just to get the chicken.

GuthrieTravel Center-FuelIslandJI.jpg

Saqib Anwar owns the location, which is branded Valero as well as the above mentioned Roady’s and Golden Chick brands. He has done a very nice job with this location.  

GuthrieTravel Center-Milkshakes&SlushiesJI.jpg

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Photos Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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