What's In It For Me?

NATSO's Chairman explains NATSO's two goals.

I’m proud to say that NATSO is the leader on Capitol Hill. The government affairs experts at NATSO work diligently to protect you. They protect your business from the imminent legislative threats such as rest area commercialization and tolling. Many NATSO members participate in these important legislative battles by storming the steps of Capitol Hill and calling on their elected officials. 

However, as NATO’s chairman I want to make sure you know that NATSO’s fundamental purpose includes two arms:

  1. Achieve the public policy goals of the travel plaza and truckstop industry; and
  2. Deliver solutions to member’s challenges.

NATSO’s staff works just as hard to meet this second purpose. They provide you with access to knowledge resources to help make good decisions including the conferences such as the International Study Tour, Future Leaders program and The NATSO Show and print and web sources such as the weekly electronic newsletter, this magazine and a daily must visit website and blog. They also deliver business solutions to meet your needs with programs including NATSO’s Profitable Retailing Program, Check-LinkTM and the coffee program. 

These numerous knowledge resources and programs can assist your business to help you become stronger and more profitable plus add value to your membership. If you’re taking part in these programs offered by NATSO, great! I’m sure you see the value of NATSO.

If you are not taking part in these programs, get on the phone and call the staff at NATSO to find out how they can help you. Ask how you can take part in the International Study Tour; join the Future Leaders program; save money through a national coffee program; or have an expert come out to you to evaluate your business.

After you explore the breadth of NATSO resources, you’ll know what’s in it for you. Your questions will be answered. I am certain you will see the value of renewing your NATSO membership for many years to come.


This article originally ran in Stop Watch magazineStop Watch provides in-depth content to assist NATSO members in improving their travel plaza business operations and provides context on trends and news affecting the industry.

The magazine is mailed to NATSO members bimonthly. If you are a member and not receiving Stop Watchsubmit a request to be added to the mailing list. Not a memberJoin today or submit a request to receive additional information.

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