What have you learned about selling DEF?

NATSO members who sell DEF talk about how it has affected their business, and what they have learned.

"DEF is a slow mover, especially at first, but as more new trucks are being purchased, we see more DEF being sold along with diesel purchases. The drivers that need DEF really appreciate the fact that we have it available for them. We started out selling DEF in single-gallon containers because it was a slow seller. Now, however, the single-gallon containers don’t sell and the 2.5 gallons are on the increase. As with any new additive, we have to be ready to handle ways of distributing the new product as needed. We try to keep at least 20 cases of the 2.5 gallons on hand a week. In a couple years, I can see the need for a DEF dispenser on the diesel island at every pump to make things more efficient for the driver."
—Robin Puthusseril, Greater Chicago I-55 Auto/Truck Plaza

"If you’re not selling it in bulk, you don’t get a good rating on how well it is selling nationwide. Selling the 1- or 2.5-gallon containers is not how the driver wants to buy it. They’ll buy it to carry it in their truck, but we’re slowly coming to that realization that we need to sell it in bulk. We’re going to put totes out at our stops to sell bulk at one lane, and I think we’ll see a big step up in gallons. We have meters on the totes, but we will have to have one of our employees out there filling it up, so there will be some labor involved."
—Scott Paulson, Tomahawk Auto Truck Plaza

"The newer trucks requiring DEF are increasing every day. Drivers want choices on packaged product and bulk depending on if they need a jug for the truck or topping off their tank. We have had packed product in one-gallon and 2.5-gallon containers for a couple of years. Midyear we started offering bulk at our truck service shop as a convenience to drivers when they are getting service work done. This fall we added bulk dispenser on the fuel islands with ability to expand as the demand increases."
—Michael Hutchison, Iowa 80 Group

"We are currently carrying 1-gallon and 2.5-gallon jugs of DEF. So far this has been working well, but demand is picking up and we do need to look at bulk distributing in the future. The 2.5 gallons are by far outselling the one gallons. We are able to keep our inventory low since we get deliveries twice a week from our grocery vendor who we buy it through."
—Dirk Binnema, Planeview Travel Plaza


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