K & H Truck Plaza Focuses on its Strengths

K & H Truck Plaza is a special location that has been family owned and operated since 1967.

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K & H Truck Plaza is a special location that has been family owned and operated since 1967.

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It is finding continued success from its amazing service and cleanliness, plus, the location has carved out a niche with its reliable service center and shop, a well-run restaurant and fully stocked travel center. They have discovered what they’re really good at and focus on their strengths. 

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Mr. Herscher started the truckstop and then his two sons came along to work with him. I loved seeing the old photos and news articles that show the location’s history. 

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Now Mr. Herscher’s grandchildren, Andrew and Josh Herscher, are running the business. What I admired about the young men is that they were very open to new ideas.

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They have a successful restaurant, which has garnered dozens of strong reviews on Google. “Great, friendly service and delicious homemade food! Lots to choose from on their menu,” one reviewer wrote. Another review said, “Food is solid, specials every day, and homemade soups.”  

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However, the truck plaza is in a transition phase. The business is changing, the community is changing and the Herschers are aware of that. They know it may be time to do something different in the food business and are considering adding something to support the younger generation, which is always on the go and wants things quickly. 

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In today’s operating environment, it is difficult to compete with modern travel centers, but K&H Truck Plaza has found a winning model, and the location’s current leadership is doing an excellent job of guiding it to the future. 

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Photos Credit: Darren Schulte/NATSO

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