A Day in the Life of a Truckstop Operator: Michael Sibley

For Michael Sibley, Travel Center in LaPlace, La., work is spread between his home office and the travel plaza.


For Michael Sibley, Travel Center in LaPlace, La., work is spread between his home office and the travel plaza.

Sibley starts his day by checking email at home, sorting through snail mail and making a list of things he needs to do for the day. Sibley said that thanks to his outstanding managers, he doesn’t need to visit the truck stop every day but goes in a few days a week.

The location is an hour from Sibley’s house. “When I know I’m heading over there, I’ll review my to-do list and the projects we’re in the middle of. In the car on my way I make my calls. I usually get there around 10:00,” he said. “When I first get there I ride the lot and look for anything out of place. I check on any outside work we’re having done to see if it is completed or anything new.”

Next he makes his way into either the c-store or restaurant to talk with his managers. “We’ll talk for 10 minutes or so on where things stand. Usually there is something they need me to help them work on, so I’ll jump in and help them get done,” Sibley said.

He also uses his time at the location to meet with new vendors. “If there is a new vendor my manager wants me to meet or if we need to discuss the annual contracts, then I get involved. I meet with a vendor at least once a week,” Sibley said.

His average day at the location is five to six hours and he has a quick meeting with managers before leaving for the day.

On days he isn’t at the location, Sibley stays in touch with managers via text and email.

In addition to travel center, Sibley has four other businesses he is involved with, including IT work he does for a law firm and his CPA consulting. “I have five businesses I’m keeping the balls in the air for,” he said.

Each day, Sibley tries to be at a good stopping point when his kids get home from school. “Once the kids get involved with homework and dinner is over with, I can hop back to my desk and finish up.”

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