Truckstop One-Day Sale: What to Do Day Before, Day of and Day After

One-day sales can be a great way to add excitement to a truckstop and travel plaza locations and spike sales. During the most recent Operational Exchange phone call we discussed the role one-day sales can play during seasonal and/or holiday special events. After the call I received a handful of follow-up questions asking for more details on the concept of a one-day sale, which made me realize operators could use some standard operating procedure guidelines to follow when creating such an event.


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Truckstop One-Day Sale: What to Do Day Before, Day of and Day After

One-day sales can be a great way to add excitement to a truckstop and travel plaza locations and spike sales.

Last month I shared what to do before the event in Master a One-Day Sale with These 16 Tips.

Today I'm sharing what to do the day before, the day of and the day after the sale. 

The Day Before the Sale
Hang flyers. Place them one to two feet apart throughout facility (restrooms, showers, hallways, game room, laundry room, etc.). If you have multiple profit centers within your campus and or location, such as a casino, hotel, RV park, c-store, fuel island, shop or restaurant, hand flyers at other profit centers with the managers’ approval.  Flyers should contain at least the sale date and time.

Place table tents. Use them on tables throughout your restaurant and QSR locations.

Remind staff of the end goal.Review one-day sale goals with staff and post them in visible area.

The Day of the One-Day Sale
Setup for one-day sale should begin at 7 a.m. This includes but is not limited to balloons being placed throughout store, one-day sale POP being placed in designated areas, bulk stacks being signed, tables being used product display and the reader board being programmed for the one-day sale event.

Have managers on site. The general manager and/or store manager should be present a minimum of eight hours of the sale unless approved otherwise by his or her superior. A successful one-day sale depends on the proper stewardship and direction.

Promote the sale in real-time. Sale announcements can be made over your web site, social media, through apps, over the intercom or any other means of connecting with customers visiting your location that day. If you have an intercom system, announce at least every half an hour highlighting the savings on specific products for your customers. 

Keep an eye on results. Sales should be monitored every hour to update staff on progress towards the goal.

After the One Day Sale
Remove signage. All signage and POP materials must be taken down at 7 p.m.

Share the outcomes. After the sale, take time to review the results of the event to all staff including the appropriate supervisors. You can post the results in an area where everyone will see them or communicate them verbally.

Conduct a post-sale meeting. It is critical to have a review of performance and potential enhancements shortly after the event so that pros and cons of the event remain fresh.

Reader Questions: Have you had any success with one-day sales? What worked and didn't work?

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